Find Your Justice Champion

We want to help you identify the right person to lead your Gospel Justice Center. Review the ideas and resources below, download our guide to finding a Justice Champion, and contact Emily O’Donnell if you have questions or need help discerning who to lead your center in this role.

What is a Justice Champion?

The Justice Champion leads the volunteer Gospel Justice Center team and is the primary person to recruit and mobilize the team and communicate with the National Support Center.

Justice Champions have a heart for serving the vulnerable in their community and the leadership skills to motivate people and move things forward. They do not need to have a background in the legal field, but should have strengths in organizing and supporting others.

How do I Find a Justice Champion?

There are many ways to identify a Justice Champion in your church - these are a few of the proven methods other church leaders have used.

Personal Reach Out

Do you have ideas of people in your church who would make a great Justice Champion? Reach out to them and invite them to explore the role. Whether in person, or by phone or email, here are some resources to use in your reach out.

Church Announcement

Spreading the news about plans to launch a legal ministry can help rally support and identify interested volunteers.

Announcements from church leadership will ignite the most engagement and interest. How your church chooses to announce will be unique to your community, but here are resources to use as you highlight the opportunity.

Videos to Share with the Church

Justice Sunday

We have developed a wealth of resources for hosting a Sunday service focused on God's call to seek justice for the vulnerable. Inspire and teach your church about God’s heart for justice, including practical ways they can get involved.

Find sermon videos, responsive readings, prayers, songs for worship, children’s curriculum and videos about Administer Justice to share with your congregation.

Administer Justice Presentation at Your Church

Host a full presentation on Administer Justice’s model to invite interested people to take the next step in exploring a volunteer role. These gatherings are an excellent touchpoint with interested volunteers and may help identify the Justice Champion.

Schedule a presentation by a team member from Administer Justice, or lead your own using the presentation slides and script below.

Lend a helping hand to someone looking for legal help

Want to help provide legal aid?

There are many ways to get involved. Learn more at the links below about how you can join the team providing legal help to people in need.