Be a Champion for Justice in Your Community

Mobilize your church for gospel justice.

Does your heart ache when you see injustice in the world today?

God’s word is clear – we are called to seek justice.

Learn to do right; seek justice.
Defend the oppressed.
Take up the cause of the fatherless;
plead the case of the widow.
Isaiah 1:17

Seek justice for the vulnerable by launching a Gospel Justice Center and see:

Your church engaged in transformative community impact

Clients empowered to address confusing legal problems

God’s people obeying God’s call to serve those in need

Talk with a team member to learn more.

There’s a massive civil justice gap in America – low-income neighbors can’t get basic legal advice.

The opportunity for churches to make a difference is huge.

US is 115th in the world for access to affordable civil justice

Ranking of America's access and affordability of civil justice in a list of 142 countries.


Percentage of legal issues facing low-income Americans that are not addressed fully.


Percentage of the 384,000 churches in America providing legal help to the most vulnerable in their community.

Every Gospel Justice Center needs a Justice Champion to serve as Team Lead

Is God calling you?

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Hear from a Justice Champion

Getting started with a Gospel Justice Center is simple:

1. Schedule a Conversation

Explore the opportunity and prayerfully consider your role in launching a center.


2. Sign Articles of Association

Begin the launch process by becoming a chapter of Administer Justice. You'll be supported as you build your team and spread the word.

Learn more about the volunteer
team roles.


3. Open Your Church’s Doors to Clients

Launch your center and begin serving clients, providing the help of a lawyer and the hope of God's love.

How can you get a center started if you are not the Justice Champion?

Our model embraces the various gifts that make up the body of Christ. If leading the team is not a right fit for you we have actions you can take to share the news and inspire others to get involved.

Take a look below for those next steps, or find the role in a Gospel Justice Center that's right for you.

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Share Our Model with Your Pastor

Let pastors in your community know about our model.

Learn What Makes Our Model Distinctive

Spread the word about our model to others in your community.

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Inspire Someone To Launch a Center

Talk to friends at church about the Justice Champion role by sharing this download.

Access to Justice

Why does equal access matter?

Legal issues are often a root cause of poverty.

1 in 5 Americans qualify for legal help with housing, healthcare, family relationships, and employment. Less than half will find it.

You have an incredible opportunity to provide access to justice and Jesus by volunteering at a Gospel Justice Center.

Learn More About the Need and How You Can Help

Steps to Launch a Gospel Justice Center

We know justice is messy and complex. Our Gospel Justice Center model makes it simple for your church to get started seeking justice for the vulnerable in your community.

Find out how in as little as 3 months you can be changing lives by providing access to justice and Jesus in your church.

Explore the Model

Prayerfully discern if our model is a right fit for you and your church by talking to our team, other Justice Champions, and church leadership, and completing the on-demand online training module.

Sign AoA & Begin Launch Process

Complete and sign the Articles of Association (AoA) and begin the launch process by scheduling your online orientation with our Launch Specialist Team.

Build Your Volunteer Team

Start promoting your center at your church and recruiting volunteers to serve, especially attorneys.

Get the Word Out

Spread the word in your community with your team through press releases, flyers, social media, partnerships with social service organizations, etc.

Launch & Lead the Center

Care for clients and your team as you receive ongoing support from our National Support Center.


Community Impact Guarantee

If you launch a center, we guarantee vulnerable neighbors will step through the doors of your church every month and find legal help and gospel hope.

Don’t let your church become divided over justice issues – unite them around gospel justice! Instead of debating justice, do it!

For over 22 years, Administer Justice has been helping people make an impact in their community through a simple proven model of Gospel Justice Centers. There is no cost to churches, all training and materials are provided, and our National Support Center cares for all our justice center teams.

Hear From Justice Champions

"The AJ model works. There is a volunteer role for every personality and interest. Serving together with others before, during, and after the Clinics is a joy."


"It has been really powerful to connect with people in our community and hear stories of God’s provision for them through our center."


"[Serving has] provided a deeper understanding of the problems many people face and how God has both blessed and insulated me from the same problems. Also how He calls me to minister and assist those who need help and a sympathetic ear."


"There is a deep peace and joy when you leave your comfort zone to help others."


"You'll pray together, contend (for the need) together, cry sometimes and smile often as you witness hearts set free, burdens lifted and hope restored. All on one [day] a month."


"I have learned so much the needs for justice in my community and beyond. My eyes are now OPEN! It has been a blessing."



Here you'll find answers to some common questions about serving as a Justice Champion.

Have other questions?


Your Church Can Make a Difference

Low-income individuals receive little or no help for 92% of their legal issues. Your church can provide legal help and see lives changed.

Take the first step to launching a Gospel Justice Center in your church. Schedule a call today with a team member to learn more.

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