Become a Torchbearer for Justice

Torchbearers sustain the work of justice through a monthly gift to Administer Justice. No one does justice alone, and no one should face injustice alone.

Join us in expanding access to justice and hope for those in need.

No One Does Justice Alone

Your gift enables clients to access the help they need.

When you give to Administer Justice:


Churches open their doors to host a Gospel Justice Center.


Volunteers provide legal help and gospel hope.


Clients find clarity, freedom, and hope.

Trusted, Proven, Transparent

Your dollars are invested with careful stewardship, transparency, and excellence.
For over 24 years, Administer Justice has provided legal help and gospel hope to clients in need.

Providing Justice Through Partnerships

Invest in Justice

Administer Justice has been partnering with churches to provide justice for all for over 24 years. When you become a Torchbearer, your monthly gift enables churches across our country to shine the light of gospel justice in their community. Your commitment allows us to:

Provide legal help to clients in need

Help churches open their doors to serve the vulnerable

Unite Christians around the gospel and justice

Every month new centers open their doors to serve clients with legal advice and gospel hope. Make your gift a recurring monthly gift to ensure our National Support Center can help volunteer attorneys and assist clients calling to book appointments. A sustaining gift of $50/month ensures new centers are supported so clients are served.

With a recurring gift, you have peace of mind knowing your money is supporting the vulnerable every month. Your donation impacts the lives of clients who visit our centers each week. The clarity, advice, and hope they receive is the fruit of your investment. Become a Torchbearer today.

Here's what our supporters have to say

“What I really like about Administer Justice is they help real people with real wounds.”

Joe and Mary Slawek

“My husband and I were praying, ‘What are we going to fund?’ And without a doubt it was a resounding we are going to get behind Administer Justice. The fact that as a business owner I could take $5,000 and actually influence an entire population of hurting people is amazing.”

Renee and Brit Gilman

“This is the one thing I have learned: that I would desire God’s favor above everything else. My job is to see how much I can multiply what has been entrusted to me for Him and His work. Personally, it is a blessing that God would allow me to support the Holy Spirit’s ministry through Administer Justice because of the impact that it makes.”

Earl Seals

“With the support of Administer Justice, God’s church and God’s people can engage in life-changing justice ministry for the poor.”

Dr. Tony Evans
Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas

“I was asking the question a lot of business owners ask, ‘What can I do to have the most impact possible with my resources?’ And then someone handed me the book Gospel Justice. I realized the impact I could have by helping Administer Justice achieve their vision of 1000 Gospel Justice Centers transforming lives in the name of Christ.”

Joe Abraham

You can make justice for all a reality

Torchbearers are a community of people like you committed to justice for all. When you become a Torchbearer you'll be:


We’ll send you monthly updates on the impact your recurring gift is making with new centers opened, new clients served, and new resources provided to churches.


You’ll be invited to online community events, prayer gatherings, local meetups and more. You’ll join a family who love gospel justice.


No one does justice alone. As you hear stories of changed lives and see churches getting involved, you’ll be inspired to invite more people to get involved in the work of gospel justice.

Invest in a Gospel Justice Center

Cover the $5,000 launch fee for a church.

Churches in under-resourced communities are often eager to provide legal help to their neighbors, but the $5,000 launch fee is out of reach.

Your gift of $5,000 enables them to host a center without a financial burden. The one-time gift ensures a lifetime impact in that community – there is no ongoing cost for hosting a center. Once launched, the center will continue to serve clients for years to come.

Self-sustaining centers continue to provide access to justice.

Your $5,000 Investment Means

Gospel Justice Center Funded

Volunteers Equipped

Clients Reached Annually

Dollars Returned Each Year in Attorney Time and Client Copays

America has a justice problem

1 in 3 Americans cannot afford a lawyer. Over 100 million people cannot afford a lawyer. What do they do when they face a legal problem? Where can they get advice on their next steps? Who can help them navigate confusing legal documents?

Gospel Justice Centers provide low-cost legal advice and next steps. With a one-time $30 copay, clients have a place to go for legal help and coaching. Your gift allows new centers to open.

Give so:

Churches can lead the way in providing justice for the vulnerable.

Clients access the help they need quickly and with little cost.

Justice is available for all people, not just those who can afford a lawyer.

Christians change the perception that churches are apathetic to the needs of the vulnerable.

We don’t debate justice, we do it.
Provide access to justice and Jesus.


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