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Our justice centers provide legal help and coaching on your situation for only $30. We serve all case types including:

  • Divorce / custody
  • Landlord / tenant
  • Debt / collections
  • Estate planning
  • Immigration
  • Criminal records

Find freedom today from your legal burdens by following these three steps.

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1. Schedule an Appointment*

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*There is a one-time $30 copay for your appointment.

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2. Meet With an Attorney

At your 45 min appointment, you'll receive legal aid, encouragement, and guidance from a next steps plan to help you through your legal issue.

What to expect at your appointment.

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3. Find Hope in Your Situation

Follow the next steps plan designed to help you overcome your legal challenge. Need continued legal help for your issue? It is available at no cost.

Visit a Justice Center Near You

Take the first step to overcoming your legal problem. Search your zip code below and click the name of the center for more information and a link to schedule a legal aid appointment today.
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      Hear From Past Clients

      Notes were taken for me. Easy Next Steps were provided. It was a safe, non-condemning environment.


      "I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to turn. The lawyer put me at ease. Now I know what to do. Thank you."


      The people trying to help me were "real" people. There was no fakeness to them. It is easier to trust people like this.


      Administer Justice is such a blessing! This ministry is a Godsend...It is well-organized and the minimal fee does not compare to the expert advice the attorneys provide.


      "The team and the attorney were so kind and compassionate and so welcoming to my needs."


      "I was extremely nervous, I had no direction, I was lost. The attorney calmed me with her tenderness, she gave me hope."


      "If you feel stuck with a legal burden, this is a good place to seek some helpful advice from caring individuals."


      "They all actively listened and gave concrete feedback and direction for next steps to be taken."


      "It was my very first time I felt I was a valued person. Being heard was a rare recognition according to my past experiences."


      What to Expect
      at Your Appointment


      You will be warmly welcomed by the team with a smile, beverages, snacks, and opportunities to keep any children with you occupied.

      Gathering Info

      Our Intake Specialist will guide you through the information we need to help the Attorney provide good guidance and direction to you. They will assist you with the $30 copay which is all you will pay for legal help related to the questions that bring you in today.

      Professional Help

      Our Attorney will listen to your story with compassion. They will review appropriate information, assess your circumstances, and provide clarity on your next steps. They will help you create a next step plan to guide you forward.

      Additional Support

      Our Client Advocate is on your side. They will review your plan, explore any questions or barriers, and ask if they can pray for you. We want to ensure you have the social and spiritual support needed to move forward with confidence. You will receive a folder from us to store information, resources, and support.


      We will follow up with you at regular intervals to see how you are doing. We come alongside you to remove any barriers with your plan, continue to pray, and support you.


      Below are answers to common questions you may have about your visit and receiving legal help at your appointment.

      Have more questions? Call (855) 818-4554

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