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Together we can ensure no one faces injustice alone.

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Partnering with Administer Justice

Hear From Our Partners at The Salvation Army

Inviting Churches to Learn More

Share our model with church leaders in your network using the provided email template, videos, and one-pager.

Email Introduction Template [.docx]
Use this template to introduce Administer Justice to your churches and invite them to an Explore Gospel Justice presentation.

What is a Gospel Justice Center? [1:30 video]
This short video is a great tool for explaining the model.

Explore Gospel Justice [9:00 video]
This video is a great tool for explaining the need for legal aid, why churches are the ideal place to host a center, and how our model works.

A Call to Gospel Justice [PDF]
A one-page summary of our model for church leaders, with FAQs.

Hosting Explore Gospel Justice Presentations

Help church leaders understand the impact a center can have by hosting an Explore Gospel Justice presentation (in-person or virtual). Set a date/time with our team.

Ministry Partner Playbook [PDF]
Use this timeline to plan presentations with your churches.

Explore Gospel Justice
Slides [PPT]  |  Script [PDF]
If you want to present our model to your churches, you can use these slides and the attached script.


Helping Church Leaders Take Next Steps

Encourage interested church leaders to commit to hosting a center and finding a Justice Champion that can move things forward using the resources below. Your follow-up is critical since you have the primary relationship with them.

Center Launch Checklist [PDF]

Follow-Up Email Template [.docx]
Use this template to follow up with churches after they attend an Explore Gospel Justice presentation.

Church Commitment Form [PDF]
Encourage churches that are excited to host a center to complete this commitment form.

How to Find a Justice Champion [PDF]
Encourage churches to find a Justice Champion to lead the team and complete the Justice Champion Interest Form.

A Call to Champion Justice [PDF]
A one-page summary of our model for potential Justice Champions.

Justice Made Simple [PDF]
A one-page summary of our model for potential volunteer attorneys.

Find a Center Near You

Visit a local Gospel Justice Center to see it in action.

Videos to Share

Lend a helping hand to someone looking for legal help

Want to help provide legal aid?

There are many ways to get involved. Learn more at the links below about how you can join the team providing legal help to people in need.