Leave a Legacy of Gospel Justice

The cries for justice across our nation are sometimes more political than biblical. The media portrays the church as hateful and judgmental, so too many people who need Jesus will not visit a church to see a pastor, but they will visit a church to see a lawyer.

Every day in America single moms and others are unable to access justice. The system is complex and costly. But when lawyers and teams of trained volunteers enter local neighborhoods to provide legal help and gospel hope, everything changes. Your generosity impacts lives now and for eternity.

When you establish your legacy at Administer Justice, you invest in the lives of vulnerable neighbors. You serve the least of these and in doing so serve Jesus. Mt. 25:40. “Well done, good and faithful servant!” Mt. 25:21. Thank you for desiring to advance God’s Kingdom of Justice.

Administer Justice has many financial planning options to help you leave a legacy of justice. Our professionals care about your goals and will work with your attorney or accountant to explain the many gift opportunities available to you.

Gifts by Will or Trust

A bequest by will or living trust demonstrates the values you hold dear and stewards your resources by potentially reducing your taxable estate.

Charitable Trusts or Gift Annuity

Charitable trusts and annuities are vehicles to transfer ownership of assets to reduce taxes and maximize benefits through income payments to you or others in exchange for your gift to AJ. A charitable lead trust allows you to pass assets to your heirs while making fixed annual payments to AJ, thus reducing your tax liability.

Life Insurance

Contributions of life insurance can provide a substantial gift to AJ. Paying premiums is tax deductible as a charitable contribution as well as the value of the policy at the time of the gift.

Qualified Charitable Distribution from IRA

Contributions made from an IRA by an individual age 70 ½ and older are not taxed on transfers up to $100,000. This gift reduces tax liability and provides a charitable donation.

Only one life will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last. Thank you for considering a lasting investment in Administer Justice. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.