Weeping Willow: 3 justice lessons for hurting people


I live near Willow Creek Community Church where this week a series of disclosures rocked the church and broader faith community.  Sunday the New York Times reported on the 10th woman to accuse founder Bill Hybels of sexual assault.  The same day teaching pastor, Steve Carter, resigned indicating he could no longer stay silent in…

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The Truth about Faith and a Lawyer's Professional Duty

The Devil is described as ‘the Father of Lies’ (Jn. 8:44).  And we are told, ‘to those who have been given much, much will be demanded’ (Lk 12:48).  So we should not be surprised at the pervasive lie that lawyers are power-hungry sharks incapable of faith and concern for the poor.  Many lawyers buy into…

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Why should my church engage in gospel justice ministry?

With so many ministry opportunities in the world today, why consider establishing a gospel justice center in your church?  May I provide four quick ideas that might have a profound impact in your church and community? 1. The church has great opportunity to be known for what it is for in the world today instead…

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