The Truth about Faith and a Lawyer's Professional Duty

The Devil is described as ‘the Father of Lies’ (Jn. 8:44).  And we are told, ‘to those who have been given much, much will be demanded’ (Lk 12:48).  So we should not be surprised at the pervasive lie that lawyers are power-hungry sharks incapable of faith and concern for the poor.  Many lawyers buy into…

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Why does a theology of justice matter?

theology of justice

Three conferences this week exemplify why a theology of justice matters.  Restore 117, The Justice Conference and the Southern Baptist Convention all hosted gatherings this past week. The Southern Baptist Demonstration of a Theology of Justice The Southern Baptist are the largest evangelical denomination in America.  In the past decade they have confessed the evil…

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Gospel Justice & The Legal System

Are the gospel and justice separate pursuits?  Or are they integral to engaging our neighbors with a Biblical view of justice?  Join us at this year’s pre-conference tract, Gospel Justice & The Legal System.  This pre-conference provides a compelling, theologically grounded vision for a distinctively evangelical approach to advocacy within our legal system.  You will receive…

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