What does it mean to be Crazy Enough to Care?


I was blessed to get out of the Chicago cold on vacation recently.  While traveling, I read “Crazy Enough to Care” by my friend, Alvin Bibbs.  Alvin provides excellent insights into what it means to be crazy enough to care. Begin with Compassion Alvin’s book is not meant to be read as a book.  The…

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Justice Champion: Killa Marti

Killa Marti is an attorney at Solano Law Firm and founder of Clarkston Justice Center in Clarkston, Georgia. Throughout her journey to Justice Champion, there were many confirmations of the calling on her heart. Killa’s mother, an attorney with 30 years of experience, taught her that God loves justice and He has called us to…

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How to Answer God’s Call for Justice

Restore 117

The Lord loves justice (Ps. 33:5).  He challenges us, “Listen you leaders. Should you not embrace justice?” (Mic. 3:1) Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. (Isa. 1:17)  That is God’s call to us.  How do we answer?  Here are…

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The Powerful Truth about Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Memorial Day dates back in some form to 1868.  The holiday honors those who died in wars for America.  There is a deeper truth in the day which we do well to honor.  Here is the powerful truth about Memorial Day. Memorial Day is not about death, but life. Abraham Lincoln understood the powerful truth…

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How to actually Restore Justice in three steps

restore justice

Our justice system is broken.  Can it be restored?  If we believe God is the restorer of all things, that He makes all things new, then that must include broken systems.  Here is a quick look at how to actually restore justice in three steps. Step One:  Acknowledge the Problem. Our friends at Alcoholics Anonymous…

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What does GOD actually require of YOU? 


Life is short.  This last week another friend lost his father.  Helen recently lost her mother.  I am at that age where that happens more often.  Death forces you to confront life.  I think it requires you to ask if there is a God and if so what does He actually require of you? God…

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Do you think our justice system is fair for all?


  We pledge allegiance with liberty and justice for all.  But do you think our justice system is fair for all?  We want to explore this question and its significant implications with you at Restore 117 on June 8-9 at Judson University. Our Civil Justice System is Not Fair for All Don’t you think it…

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God cares about immigrants, why don’t you?


A profound question.  “Dear God, it’s me Ruth.” She wrote. “I learned you love people like me in Sunday School.  But people act like my mom and me don’t belong.  Did I do something bad?” What do you tell a Dreamer like Ruth? What do you say to Ruth?  Brought to the U.S. from Honduras…

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How to Live the True Justice Legacy of Dr. King

justice legacy

April 4 marked 50 years since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Thousands gathered in Memphis to honor Dr. King’s legacy.  King was a catalyst for change.  But each generation must take up the call for justice.  Here are three important reminders to help us live the true justice legacy of Dr. Martin…

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