What is the role of prayer in my business?


  I spoke Wednesday at Christian Business Fellowship on the role of prayer in business.  The presentation arose from a discussion among business leaders.  Many lived in the divided world of choice A , others wrestled with the amount of overlap in choice B.  I said the answer was C.  Prayer is not part of…

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How to Explore God’s Call to Do Justice


Last week I spoke with three lawyers and two pastors exploring how they can impact their community through gospel justice ministry.  Good question.  Here’s guidance on how to explore God’s call to do justice. Explore God’s call through prayer My conversations this week reminded me of the importance of prayer.  “I’ve been praying for an…

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Join us in 100 days of prayer

Prayer touches Heaven to change Earth.  In February, our board chair Steve Keist and his wife JoAnn were praying and they felt God whisper the words “100”.  Was it possible for God to move in the hearts of people to have 100 site locations by the end of 2018? Steve shared this with Bruce who…

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Why are YOU a Special Agent of Justice?

special agent

Lawyers are special agents of justice.  Our very title – “esquire” – means “shield bearer” – one who is called to protect the vulnerable.  From the time of Magna Charta to our present rules of professional responsibility, we are agents of justice standing in the gap on behalf of the poor. What an opportunity! You…

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The Power of Provision!

by Bruce Strom Ever heard of George Muller?  Google him.  He had a crazy business plan – pray!  Seriously.  He prayed for provision and God provided.  George ran an orphanage in England so I’m not suggesting that every business leader throw out their Jim Collins’ books, but I am suggesting we can rely too heavily…

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Why should my church engage in gospel justice ministry?

With so many ministry opportunities in the world today, why consider establishing a gospel justice center in your church?  May I provide four quick ideas that might have a profound impact in your church and community? 1. The church has great opportunity to be known for what it is for in the world today instead…

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