Forgiveness Friday!


  How did this happen?  Last week they were fighting over who would sit at Jesus right and left hands in his Kingdom.  Mt. 20:20-21.  The triumphal entry on Sunday made them believe the Kingdom was at hand.  No one could stop Jesus.  He cleared the temple of injustice on Monday.  On Tuesday, he was…

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Maundy Thursday!

maundy thursday

We continue our Holy Week series published two years ago to help us focus on something that transcends the pandemic.  May you experience peace in the one who has overcome this world. Time is short.  Not long ago Jesus entered Jerusalem to the waving of palm branches.  He cleared the temple of exploitation on Monday…

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What does it mean to have a heart that beats for justice?


I didn’t always have a heart that beat for justice.  How about you?  I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on love and justice as we approach Valentine’s Day. Love and Justice Justice is a powerful word.  You feel it in your bones.  Fundamental fairness.  If we are all created equal, then we ought…

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What is your true purpose in life?

Life speeds by quickly. Too often we fail to stop and ask ourselves the most basic fundamental questions. And the most important one is why are you here? What is your true purpose in life? Is life about you? Who is at the center of your universe? Who or what matters most? For the first…

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Justice Champion: Killa Marti

Killa Marti is an attorney at Solano Law Firm and founder of Clarkston Justice Center in Clarkston, Georgia. Throughout her journey to Justice Champion, there were many confirmations of the calling on her heart. Killa’s mother, an attorney with 30 years of experience, taught her that God loves justice and He has called us to…

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Justice Champion: Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan is the President and CEO of Jericho Road Legal Services Ministry, a Christian legal aid based in Saint Johns, Florida.  She became aware of the unmet need in her community while working as a clinical professor at Florida Coastal School of Law. Moved by her pastor’s challenge to live out her faith seven…

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5 Powerful Justice Lessons from a Pioneering Hero

pioneering hero

February is Black History month.  I began February with a pioneering hero, Dr. John Perkins, who at 87 is a living legend of what gospel justice means.  Here are five lessons from my conversation and his amazing book, Let Justice Roll Down. Lesson One:  Black Lives Matter John Perkins was born in rural Mississippi in…

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Want to be equipped to do something about injustice?

do something about injustice

Want to be equipped to do something about injustice?  You’re passionate about the injustice you see.  You know God seeks restoration and shalom, but how can you be part of His work?  How can you help alleviate fear and provide practical direction in the face of injustice? Introducing Restore 117, the building justice communities conference.…

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Jesus: Republican or Democrat?

by Bruce Strom Unless you live under a rock, you are likely aware we are in an election year.  And what a year!  Candidates like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are surprising pundits, while Jeb Bush has already dropped out of the race.  Meanwhile the news media continues to report on the evangelical vote within…

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Why Valentine's Day?

by Bruce Strom I loved Valentine’s Day as a kid.  We all exchanged little cards and had a party in the classroom.  Sure the cookies were shaped like hearts, but the icing was fantastic!  As a young man I grew a little more cynical.  I thought Valentine’s Day was a capitalist conspiracy coercing young men…

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