How to Advance the Dream of the Poor People’s Campaign


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is best known for his civil rights advocacy.  But Dr. King recognized his dream of freedom and equality for all would never be realized unless poverty was challenged.  He began the poor people’s campaign to shine a light on economic inequality but was assassinated before he could advance the cause. …

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Thank you for generously Restoring Hope for vulnerable neighbors!

Thank You

  The news can make it seem like we are coming apart.  But you showed otherwise.  You demonstrated love for vulnerable neighbors, despite the violence entering our homes through television.  That is the America I believe in.  Thank you. Restoring Hope campaign success While others were distracted by an election and the drama that followed,…

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Expanded Tax Benefits Help You Support Charity This Year.


Christmas is why we give.  God so loved you he gave his one and only son (Jn. 3:16).  But there is nothing wrong with being a good steward and taking advantage of some year-end tax opportunities. New Tax Deductions for People Who Don’t Itemize The CARES Act passed earlier this year provides a one-time above…

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A Shot of Hope for Christmas this Year!


The Coronavirus vaccine rolled out this week.  We watched Vice President Mike Pence and health care workers receive a shot of hope.  Congress is likely to pass a bipartisan bill providing an additional shot of economic hope this Christmas.  But the greatest shot of hope is not given at Christmas – it IS Christmas. The…

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Pro Bono Week Highlights the Need of Justice for All!

Pro Bono Week

This week is national celebrate pro bono week which celebrates attorneys doing pro bono work.  Administer Justice reached out to one of our leading volunteer attorneys, Steve Keist.  He submitted this blog to encourage others in the joy of pro bono service. by Steve Keist All lawyers become aware of the inequities embedded in our…

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How one hour can immediately expand access to justice!

one hour

COVID-19 has exposed weaknesses in our system.  Health and education are discussed heavily, but just as broken is access to our justice system.  Law is complicated and yet every area of life is impacted by it.  The confusion and uncertainty surrounding legal issues fuels anxiety and stress.  Our neighbors need help now more than ever. …

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With Your Help COVID Can’t Stop Justice!


by Judy Miller, Esq. What a whirlwind we swirl in as 2020 twists and turns with every sweep of an illusive virus. Companies, governments, organizations, schools and individuals have all had to pivot and adapt to new challenges, new patterns, and new barriers. But as it goes with change, new opportunities await. New virtual opportunities!…

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Spy Wednesday!

Spy Wednesday

Sunday Jesus enters Jerusalem to shouts of praise.  Monday he clears the temple with shouts against injustice.  Tuesday the leaders are shouting as they try to stop his teaching and prove heresy.  Now it’s Wednesday.  No more shouts.  On Wednesday there is silence.  Except for Judas. Judas watched the popularity of Jesus soar on Sunday. …

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What do I need to know about the new stimulus law?


On Thursday, March 26 the President signed a historic 2.2 trillion-dollar stimulus bill known as the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act).  The CARES Act demonstrates an amazing glimmer of bipartisanship and contains helpful provisions for all Americans.  Here is what you need to know: Direct payments All adults earning less than…

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