Why Justice Needs to be a Team Sport

When I was in school, I ran track. Track is not a team sport. I was part of a team, but I ran on my own. Justice in America is too much like that. Instead of coming alongside someone facing injustice, we point to the starting line and tell them to start running. Justice as…

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Now is the time for Lawyers to Lead in Loving neighbors!


I have seen lawyers rise to the challenge of crisis time and time again.  The Coronavirus crisis is no different.  We have a unique opportunity to bring clarity and peace to neighbors in need.  Here are three things you can do now to help. 1.  Be part of a virtual client appointment in this crisis.…

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Although Justice Champion Penni McConnell has faced some challenges getting the San Joaquin Gospel Justice Center started, she will be the first to tell you it was worth it. “Anything I do for Jesus is worth it,” says Penni. Through it all, God never stopped calling her to the family business of justice and He…

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How to see a Heart of Justice: a Pharisee’s Confession


I was going to be a super hero and change the world.  How about you?  The problem is we become the hero.  Our cape is that of a Pharisee.  Maybe you can identify with my struggle as a recovering pharisee and my journey toward justice. The Heart of a Pharisee The heart of a Pharisee…

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Justice Champion: Killa Marti

Killa Marti is an attorney at Solano Law Firm and founder of Clarkston Justice Center in Clarkston, Georgia. Throughout her journey to Justice Champion, there were many confirmations of the calling on her heart. Killa’s mother, an attorney with 30 years of experience, taught her that God loves justice and He has called us to…

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Justice Champion: Dee Arnold

Dee Arnold – wife, mother of two, attorney at WillCounsel and volunteer – established and now serves at an Administer Justice site located in Saint Charles, Illinois at Christ Community Church. The clinic provides a wide range of services to meet the immediate and future needs of individuals facing civil legal matters, who are unable…

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Justice Champion: Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan is the President and CEO of Jericho Road Legal Services Ministry, a Christian legal aid based in Saint Johns, Florida.  She became aware of the unmet need in her community while working as a clinical professor at Florida Coastal School of Law. Moved by her pastor’s challenge to live out her faith seven…

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Why are YOU a Special Agent of Justice?

special agent

Lawyers are special agents of justice.  Our very title – “esquire” – means “shield bearer” – one who is called to protect the vulnerable.  From the time of Magna Charta to our present rules of professional responsibility, we are agents of justice standing in the gap on behalf of the poor. What an opportunity! You…

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What are You Thankful for Today?


Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful.  We can thank the author of Mary had a little lamb for persuading Abraham Lincoln to establish the national holiday in 1863.  Lincoln understood the power of giving thanks in the midst of our nation’s darkest hour – the civil war.  The Bible tells us to “Give thanks…

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The Tragedy of Fraud!

by Bruce Strom Thursday the United States Supreme Court issued an opinion in Universal Health Services, Inc v. Escobar.  The case may not get much attention but a unanimous court opened a door for victims of fraud.  The case is a prime example of Medicaid fraud – not by individuals but by big health companies.…

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