Letting Our Light Shine


by Judy Miller The COVID-19 pandemic has permeated every crevice of our society and has shone a light into some of our dustiest corners. The world of work is one of these corners. We have seen tens of thousands of our neighbors lose their jobs. Many others have seen a shift in their work. Some…

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With Your Help COVID Can’t Stop Justice!


by Judy Miller, Esq. What a whirlwind we swirl in as 2020 twists and turns with every sweep of an illusive virus. Companies, governments, organizations, schools and individuals have all had to pivot and adapt to new challenges, new patterns, and new barriers. But as it goes with change, new opportunities await. New virtual opportunities!…

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Lady Justice meets fear with strength and hope 

lady justice

By Judy Miller Motherland. Mothership. Motherboard. Mother Earth. All words that speak of nurture and support; life and essence; strength with grace, and hope, and mercy. Mothers have a gift for soothing crying babies, calming squabbling children, and creating order among a chaotic mix of meals, homework, lessons, schedules. They push us, knowing we may…

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What does being generous have to do with justice?


Giving Tuesday Now is this Tuesday, May 5.  The global organizers moved the traditional Tuesday after Thanksgiving up to allow you to join a generous response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.   This opportunity taps into the power of human connection and grassroots generosity.  We invite you to join this generous movement with a…

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Thank you for doing justice through compassionate care!


You did it!  You successfully brought justice and hope to nearly 1,000 vulnerable neighbors through the compassionate care campaign.  Allow us to share some of your stories and the opportunity to be part of a new May Justice Roll campaign. The success of the Compassionate Care Campaign On March 14 I met with our COO…

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