Justice Champion: Robin Gracie Travis-Murphree

GRACIE MURPHREE, JUSTICE CHAMPION Justice Champion Robin Gracie Travis-Murphree was asked so often how she survived the trials of her life that her answer, “By the grace of God”, led to the name by which she is now known: Gracie. The Lord confirmed this change through 1 Corinthians 15:10 and 1 Timothy 1:12. Gracie will tell you…

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Justice Champion: Killa Marti

Killa Marti is an attorney at Solano Law Firm and founder of Clarkston Justice Center in Clarkston, Georgia. Throughout her journey to Justice Champion, there were many confirmations of the calling on her heart. Killa’s mother, an attorney with 30 years of experience, taught her that God loves justice and He has called us to…

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Justice Champion: Dee Arnold

Dee Arnold – wife, mother of two, attorney at WillCounsel and volunteer – established and now serves at an Administer Justice site located in Saint Charles, Illinois at Christ Community Church. The clinic provides a wide range of services to meet the immediate and future needs of individuals facing civil legal matters, who are unable…

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Is Christmas really a remarkable refugee story?


Not at first glance.  But there are some significant truths around God’s movement of people in the Christmas narrative. The Bible is a remarkable story of movement. My friend Jenny Yang with World Relief first reminded me of this simple, but profound truth.  The first immigrants came from Eden.  As their children moved across the…

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Why you need to know the story of 3 wealthy risk-takers!


Some call them magi, others wise men, and some kings, but here is why we do them injustice in our Christmas pageants and what you need to know about these wealthy risk-takers. Not Your Christmas Pageant If your son or grandson is wearing a fake beard and towel this Christmas as he parades around the…

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The astonishing truth about the Gospel and Lady Justice.

Lady Justice

  Why is Lady Justice a woman? And why should a Christian care? These are good questions and I need to revise my earlier answer. What I got right and wrong about Lady Justice in Gospel Justice I wasn’t too kind to Lady Justice in the book Gospel Justice. What I wrote is certainly true,…

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What Christian Progressives Get Wrong About Justice


I have many progressive Christian friends.  They frequently decry Christian evangelicals who align politically on the right.  Politics and power are driving forces instead of faith, they claim.  I am a conservative Christian evangelical and frequently agree with the criticism, but too often progressives are equally guilty. The Challenge for Christian Progressives Christian Progressives are…

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Why do most of Jesus Parables involve BUSINESS?

business parables

Why do most of Jesus Parables involve business?  Seriously.  If it mattered that much to Jesus, maybe it should matter to us.  The answer may provide clarity to why God cares about your work, particularly if you are a business owner. More than 60% of Jesus Parables involve business Have you ever heard a pastor…

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How can I do justice for incarcerated neighbors?

incarcerated neighbors

Incarcerated neighbors need our help.  Their plight impacts us all.  Our mandatory sentencing laws have created a mass incarceration system that cost each one of us about $260 a year.  We are paying $80 billion dollars to lock up significant numbers of non-violent offenders.  That does not include the cost of local jails which cycle…

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Three Amazing Justice Lessons from The Nativity

We are taking a justice look at Christmas Classics.  We’ve looked at Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Clause, A Christmas Carol, and now look at The Nativity Story.  The story surrounding Jesus birth.  Here are three amazing justice lessons from the nativity. Lesson 1:  God chooses unlikely people and places. Seriously.  Who would leave everything to enter…

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