Hope Sunday

hope sunday

No matter how dark the night, dawn comes.  On Sunday, dawn found four women making their way to the tomb.  Mk. 16:1, Lk. 24:10.  The guards froze like dead men as the earth shook and an angel broke the seal to roll away the stone.  Mt. 28: 1-4.  The women ran to tell the disciples…

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Grave Saturday!

grave saturday

This blog originally posted four years ago, but is highly relevant for our circumstances today. The day was grave.  Sunday’s triumphant celebration evaporated.  The memory of a strong Jesus clearing the temple and teaching to the acclaim of the people gone.  Jesus was dead.  His body lay in a grave. The religious leaders were not…

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Forgiveness Friday!


  How did this happen?  Last week they were fighting over who would sit at Jesus right and left hands in his Kingdom.  Mt. 20:20-21.  The triumphal entry on Sunday made them believe the Kingdom was at hand.  No one could stop Jesus.  He cleared the temple of injustice on Monday.  On Tuesday, he was…

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Maundy Thursday!

maundy thursday

We continue our Holy Week series published two years ago to help us focus on something that transcends the pandemic.  May you experience peace in the one who has overcome this world. Time is short.  Not long ago Jesus entered Jerusalem to the waving of palm branches.  He cleared the temple of exploitation on Monday…

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Spy Wednesday!

Spy Wednesday

Sunday Jesus enters Jerusalem to shouts of praise.  Monday he clears the temple with shouts against injustice.  Tuesday the leaders are shouting as they try to stop his teaching and prove heresy.  Now it’s Wednesday.  No more shouts.  On Wednesday there is silence.  Except for Judas. Judas watched the popularity of Jesus soar on Sunday. …

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Justice Monday!

justice monday

The following is an excerpt from Gospel Justice.  Some refer to the Monday of Holy Week as Justice Monday when Jesus drove the money exchangers from the temple. Powerful reminder that Jesus is not a tame lion and that he cares deeply about injustice. Jerusalem was abuzz. “Did you see the crowds when Jesus entered…

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What was YOUR favorite Christmas gift ever?

favorite gift

I remember visiting the mall and telling Santa all I wanted for Christmas.  How about you?  Some years the list was embarrassingly long.  Probably like me, you forget all the presents over time, but I bet one stands out.  What was your favorite Christmas gift ever? The greatest Christmas gift No cheating.  We all know…

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All I want for Christmas is peace.  How about you?


Christmas is rapidly approaching.  There are gifts to buy and cookies to bake and gifts to buy and presents to wrap and gifts to buy and cards to send.  Just thinking about it makes one dizzy.  All I want for Christmas is peace.  How about you? The Challenge of Christmas I was giving the invocation…

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Give now before you forget!


Tuesday is #Giving Tuesday.  Why wait?  Give now before you forget. Give now Some ideas are worth continuing.  In 2012, the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation came together and created a day to tap into the generosity of the American spirit.  And Giving Tuesday began. Six years later tens of thousands of…

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