Thank you for generously Restoring Hope for vulnerable neighbors!

Thank You

  The news can make it seem like we are coming apart.  But you showed otherwise.  You demonstrated love for vulnerable neighbors, despite the violence entering our homes through television.  That is the America I believe in.  Thank you. Restoring Hope campaign success While others were distracted by an election and the drama that followed,…

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A Shot of Hope for Christmas this Year!


The Coronavirus vaccine rolled out this week. We watched Vice President Mike Pence and health care workers receive a shot of hope.  Congress is likely to pass a bipartisan bill providing an additional shot of economic hope this Christmas.  But the greatest shot of hope is not given at Christmas – it IS Christmas. The…

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Did you know injustice does not shelter in place?

shelter in place

While we shelter in place, injustice roams freely.  Confusion around new laws, unemployment, assistance with government funds, safety from abuse, protection from fraud and the list goes on.  Administer Justice is open – virtually.  You can trust us and we are here to help.  Call 847-844-1100 for phone/video assistance.  Here is guidance through this confusing…

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Hope Sunday

hope sunday

No matter how dark the night, dawn comes.  On Sunday, dawn found four women making their way to the tomb.  Mk. 16:1, Lk. 24:10.  The guards froze like dead men as the earth shook and an angel broke the seal to roll away the stone.  Mt. 28: 1-4.  The women ran to tell the disciples…

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What are YOU thankful for this Thanksgiving?

legal ministry

Our first nationwide Thanksgiving was proclaimed by President George Washington on November 26, 1789, “as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favours of Almighty God.”  Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a federal holiday during the civil war through a powerful proclamation. Thanksgiving has…

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Justice Champion: Robin Gracie Travis-Murphree

GRACIE MURPHREE, JUSTICE CHAMPION Justice Champion Robin Gracie Travis-Murphree was asked so often how she survived the trials of her life that her answer, “By the grace of God”, led to the name by which she is now known: Gracie. The Lord confirmed this change through 1 Corinthians 15:10 and 1 Timothy 1:12. Gracie will tell you…

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Justice Champion: Dee Arnold

Dee Arnold – wife, mother of two, attorney at WillCounsel and volunteer – established and now serves at an Administer Justice site located in Saint Charles, Illinois at Christ Community Church. The clinic provides a wide range of services to meet the immediate and future needs of individuals facing civil legal matters, who are unable…

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How to restore HOPE through legal ministry

restore hope

A couple of weeks ago over 100 people gathered from 11 states to attend the Restore 117 Conference at Judson University.  The conference involved powerful worship, prayer, main stage speakers and workshops to help explore how to restore hope through legal ministry. First, understand the environment of your community God has placed you in a…

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Why are YOU a Special Agent of Justice?

special agent

Lawyers are special agents of justice.  Our very title – “esquire” – means “shield bearer” – one who is called to protect the vulnerable.  From the time of Magna Charta to our present rules of professional responsibility, we are agents of justice standing in the gap on behalf of the poor. What an opportunity! You…

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