The Gospel according to Scrooge

Years ago, as a little child, my mother took me to a production the Jesus People Church was doing of The Gospel According to Scrooge. More than an intriguing title, the musical was an adaptation of Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol with a focus on the gospel of transformation. The captivating and convicting story of Scrooge…

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Hope Sunday

hope sunday

No matter how dark the night, dawn comes.  On Sunday, dawn found four women making their way to the tomb.  Mk. 16:1, Lk. 24:10.  The guards froze like dead men as the earth shook and an angel broke the seal to roll away the stone.  Mt. 28: 1-4.  The women ran to tell the disciples…

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Forgiveness Friday!


  How did this happen?  Last week they were fighting over who would sit at Jesus right and left hands in his Kingdom.  Mt. 20:20-21.  The triumphal entry on Sunday made them believe the Kingdom was at hand.  No one could stop Jesus.  He cleared the temple of injustice on Monday.  On Tuesday, he was…

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What is the role of prayer in my business?


  I spoke Wednesday at Christian Business Fellowship on the role of prayer in business.  The presentation arose from a discussion among business leaders.  Many lived in the divided world of choice A , others wrestled with the amount of overlap in choice B.  I said the answer was C.  Prayer is not part of…

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3 startling insights that will make you rethink the Good Samaritan


Last Sunday I spoke at Ebenezer Christian Reform Church in Berwyn, a neighborhood of Chicago.  I shared 3 startling insights that will make you rethink the Good Samaritan.  The insights prompted my writing the book Gospel Justice. Startling Insight #1:  The Good Samaritan is about the Gospel I grew up in Sunday School.  I’m so…

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Justice Champion: Robin Gracie Travis-Murphree

GRACIE MURPHREE, JUSTICE CHAMPION Justice Champion Robin Gracie Travis-Murphree was asked so often how she survived the trials of her life that her answer, “By the grace of God”, led to the name by which she is now known: Gracie. The Lord confirmed this change through 1 Corinthians 15:10 and 1 Timothy 1:12. Gracie will tell you…

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Justice Champion: Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan is the President and CEO of Jericho Road Legal Services Ministry, a Christian legal aid based in Saint Johns, Florida.  She became aware of the unmet need in her community while working as a clinical professor at Florida Coastal School of Law. Moved by her pastor’s challenge to live out her faith seven…

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The Truth about Faith and a Lawyer's Professional Duty

The Devil is described as ‘the Father of Lies’ (Jn. 8:44).  And we are told, ‘to those who have been given much, much will be demanded’ (Lk 12:48).  So we should not be surprised at the pervasive lie that lawyers are power-hungry sharks incapable of faith and concern for the poor.  Many lawyers buy into…

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What Christian Progressives Get Wrong About Justice


I have many progressive Christian friends.  They frequently decry Christian evangelicals who align politically on the right.  Politics and power are driving forces instead of faith, they claim.  I am a conservative Christian evangelical and frequently agree with the criticism, but too often progressives are equally guilty. The Challenge for Christian Progressives Christian Progressives are…

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Why are YOU a Special Agent of Justice?

special agent

Lawyers are special agents of justice.  Our very title – “esquire” – means “shield bearer” – one who is called to protect the vulnerable.  From the time of Magna Charta to our present rules of professional responsibility, we are agents of justice standing in the gap on behalf of the poor. What an opportunity! You…

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