The Initiative Succeeded! Now is the time to Administer Justice!


I am excited to announce the successful completion of Gospel Justice Initiative.  In the days ahead we will be changing our web site and materials to reflect our decision to now use the name Administer Justice. The Initiative Succeeded! Webster defines initiative as “an introductory step, introductory, preliminary.”  In 2011 John Robb (left) and I…

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What was YOUR favorite Christmas gift ever?

favorite gift

I remember visiting the mall and telling Santa all I wanted for Christmas.  How about you?  Some years the list was embarrassingly long.  Probably like me, you forget all the presents over time, but I bet one stands out.  What was your favorite Christmas gift ever? The greatest Christmas gift No cheating.  We all know…

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What will YOU do to Open the Gates of Justice?

open the gates

Do you believe Micah 6:8?  “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to DO JUSTICE, LOVE KINDNESS, and to WALK HUMBLY with your God.”  On Friday, October 19, 564 registered guest gathered at STRONGER to live out Micah 6:8.  Here’s how you can join…

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Your special invite to the Justice wedding reception!


Did you hear?  Administer Justice (AJ) and Gospel Justice initiative (GJi) tied the knot.  After a five year friendship and five month courtship, the Justice’s got married on Saturday, September 15.   Whether you are a friend of the groom or the bride we invite you to a celebration reception on Friday, October 19 at the…

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Although Justice Champion Penni McConnell has faced some challenges getting the San Joaquin Gospel Justice Center started, she will be the first to tell you it was worth it. “Anything I do for Jesus is worth it,” says Penni. Through it all, God never stopped calling her to the family business of justice and He…

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Justice Champion: Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan is the President and CEO of Jericho Road Legal Services Ministry, a Christian legal aid based in Saint Johns, Florida.  She became aware of the unmet need in her community while working as a clinical professor at Florida Coastal School of Law. Moved by her pastor’s challenge to live out her faith seven…

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Three Daring Ways for Christians to Easily Attack Racism


“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”  Patrick Henry.  Christians have dual citizenship in heaven and earth, and should doubly stand against tyranny, oppression and evil.  We must not stand silent.  Here are three daring ways for Christians to easily attack racism. 1.  Get out of…

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What Christian Progressives Get Wrong About Justice


I have many progressive Christian friends.  They frequently decry Christian evangelicals who align politically on the right.  Politics and power are driving forces instead of faith, they claim.  I am a conservative Christian evangelical and frequently agree with the criticism, but too often progressives are equally guilty. The Challenge for Christian Progressives Christian Progressives are…

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How to Make Justice for All Possible

make justice for all possible

Next week is National Pro Bono Celebration Week and the perfect opportunity to examine how to make justice for all possible.  By identifying the problem we can identify how to work together toward a solution. America has a problem America’s number one problem is we don’t recognize the problem.  We recognize symptoms and spend a…

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How to Celebrate Hispanics by Dispelling Three Myths

celebrate Hispanics

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 through October 15. We should celebrate Hispanics and their major contributions to America.  Rather than treat Hispanics as criminals, rapist, illegal and unwanted, let’s dispel three myths and celebrate our neighbors. Myth #1: Immigrants are a burden, not a blessing You’ve heard the line. Immigrants take our jobs, lower…

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