Now is the time for Lawyers to Lead in Loving neighbors!


I have seen lawyers rise to the challenge of crisis time and time again.  The Coronavirus crisis is no different.  We have a unique opportunity to bring clarity and peace to neighbors in need.  Here are three things you can do now to help. 1.  Be part of a virtual client appointment in this crisis.…

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3 Ways to Do Justice in the Fight Against Coronavirus


Life is temporarily changing as the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) grows.  Schools, libraries, park districts, churches, restaurants and some businesses are closing.  Travel is restricted.  Social distancing is a new word in our vocabulary as fear spreads.  How should you respond in the midst of this national crisis? 1.  Don’t panic – participate With new…

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3 startling insights that will make you rethink the Good Samaritan


Last Sunday I spoke at Ebenezer Christian Reform Church in Berwyn, a neighborhood of Chicago.  I shared 3 startling insights that will make you rethink the Good Samaritan.  The insights prompted my writing the book Gospel Justice. Startling Insight #1:  The Good Samaritan is about the Gospel I grew up in Sunday School.  I’m so…

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How to experience overwhelming JOY through faithful obedience

faithful obedience

This week, I was blessed to speak at Ignite, the business acceleration conference, in Chicago.  Amazing group of business leaders from across the country gathered to learn how God might ignite their passion to grow the business entrusted to them for His glory.  You might think that is a strange place for a legal aid…

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Five Practical Ways to Help End Slavery Today!

Modern slavery must end!  We know this.  The new report on human trafficking contains 418 pages crying against this injustice.  But what can you and I do about it?  Allow me to pull information from the report to provide five practical ways to help end slavery today. 1.  Involve your family and friends The report…

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Stop Debt Bullies!

  by Bruce Strom This past week John Oliver shone a spotlight on the shadier side of the debt collection industry.  He demonstrated how easy it is to purchase old debt.  For $60,000 he bought $15M in unpaid medical debt which provided names, social security numbers and addresses to pursue collection.  Rather than collect, John…

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Get Off Your Donkey

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  Edmund Burke.  We all know the quote.  But another way to say it might be – “Get off your donkey!”  After all if the Good Samaritan had stayed on his donkey… well I guess we wouldn’t call him the GOOD…

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