Grave Saturday!

grave saturday

This blog originally posted four years ago, but is highly relevant for our circumstances today. The day was grave.  Sunday’s triumphant celebration evaporated.  The memory of a strong Jesus clearing the temple and teaching to the acclaim of the people gone.  Jesus was dead.  His body lay in a grave. The religious leaders were not…

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How to join Women of Courage in advancing justice


One year ago women joined together in the Women’s March on Washington.  Fed up with the denigration of others, these women began a tsunami that would continue in marches across America.  One woman gave her life in Charlottesville standing against white nationalist.  And women everywhere cried #metoo, toppling men in power, and receiving recognition as…

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Love Your Lawyer Day!

by Bruce D. Strom No joke.  This is the cover of November’s American Bar Association Journal.  While the article addresses fears relating to work performance, I think it applies with stronger force to pro bono.  Today also happens to be national “Love your Lawyer Day.”  I’m really not making this stuff up. In 2001 a…

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Scariest Costume Ever!

by Bruce Strom I dropped my sons off at their high school today. I hope they were allowing costumes as I saw cats, witches and an assortment of others entering the school. But my son had the scariest costume of all. He was a lawyer. Dressed in a sharp suit, nothing strikes more fear than…

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Answering God's Call to Seek Justice

Last Friday I was in Oklahoma City speaking at one of our partnering gospel justice center’s annual fundraising breakfast.  Trinity Legal Clinic believes in “Answering God’s call to seek justice and mercy by providing legal services to the poor and needy.” I was moved at the breakfast by the story of John who showed up…

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How Can I Be Thankful?

Every day I turn on the news to protest, violence, abuse and brokenness.  Angry reporters tell me the rule of law is disintegrating.  Angry people seem to agree as they burn police vehicles and take to the streets.  Death and destruction.  Confusion.  Fear. How can I be thankful? We celebrate Thanksgiving this year because of…

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