Did you know injustice does not shelter in place?

shelter in place

While we shelter in place, injustice roams freely.  Confusion around new laws, unemployment, assistance with government funds, safety from abuse, protection from fraud and the list goes on.  Administer Justice is open – virtually.  You can trust us and we are here to help.  Call 847-844-1100 for phone/video assistance.  Here is guidance through this confusing…

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How to take action on the president’s immigration orders

immigration orders

This week the Department of Homeland Security released fact sheets, Q&A’s, and implementation memorandum for the President’s Executive Order issued January 25 entitled, “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States.”   Let’s examine what all these documents say, the possible impact, and how people of faith can respond. What the President’s immigration orders…

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Why should I care about the refugee ban?

refugee ban

“Why should I care about the refugee ban?”  Good question.  Let me provide some background before giving three responses. Background on the refugee ban We are talking about the chaotic impact of the executive order signed by President Trump two weeks ago entitled, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist entry into the United States.”  Here…

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