Eugene Cho: On How To Not Be A Jerk In Politics


I recently caught up with my friend Eugene Cho as he transitions to take on his new role as President of Bread for the World.   I wanted to ask him about his new book, Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk:  A Christian’s Guide to Engaging Politics.  Here’s what he had to say. Q: Why did…

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Three Daring Ways for Christians to Easily Attack Racism


“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”  Patrick Henry.  Christians have dual citizenship in heaven and earth, and should doubly stand against tyranny, oppression and evil.  We must not stand silent.  Here are three daring ways for Christians to easily attack racism. 1.  Get out of…

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How to cure our problem with Justice ADD

Justice ADD

Justice ADD has gone viral.  Millennials appear most prone to catch the disorder although Generation Z is highly susceptible.  To understand how to cure our problem with Justice ADD let’s examine the cause and effect before looking at solutions. Understanding the cause of Justice ADD First, like the apocalyptic “Simian Flu Pandemic” of Planet of…

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Justice Conference Highlights

The annual Justice Conference was held in Chicago last weekend.  Chicago will be the new home for the conference as thousands gathered from around the world to seek justice together.  Here are quick highlights: Cornell West:  Cornell is no stranger to controversy, but he refrained from major political commentary and brought powerful words for the…

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New Book Challenges the Justice Fad

So my friend Eugene Cho’s book, Overrated, published last week.  Why would I promote someone else’s book?  Because I think we should live the golden rule, and because I think it is helpful to read what other writers are saying about justice. Eugene has something to say and he doesn’t pull any punches in saying…

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Can we follow Christ without pursuing Justice?

by Eugene Cho.  Christ Follower. Husband. Father. Pastor. Humanitarian. Activist. Author. Founder of One Day’s Wages, Q Cafe, Quest Church. Author of #OverratedBook. Over the years, I’ve been given by some the mini-reputation as a leader in the field of justice. At first, I took it as a compliment and of course, I still do…

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Is Justice Overrated?

My friend Eugene Cho has finally done it – he’s written his first book entitled Overrated.  The sub title is aptly, “Are we more in love with the idea of changing the world than actually changing the world”.  Are we? Justice can be a great topic to talk about on College Campuses and in Coffee…

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