3 ways to Administer TRUE Justice in 2019


As we enter 2019 we have new opportunity to advance God’s Kingdom of justice and righteousness.  Here are 3 ways to administer TRUE justice in the year ahead. 1.  Find the truth I encourage you to read Isaiah 59.  Isaiah was a prophet and the chapter is a blog post for today.  Isaiah relays the…

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3 Powerful Lessons from the Heart of a Father


Father’s Day.  For some the day is a challenge of emotions caused by a distant, abusive or absent father.  Others spend an awkward day required by a divorce decree.  Many reflect on a dad who is no longer living.  Fathers aren’t perfect, but we have a heavenly father who is and he built within dads…

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3 Reasons to Not Abandon Hope of Justice for Dreamers


Monday is the deadline set by the Trump Administration for action on DACA.  At stake are the lives of 800,000 young people brought to America facing the loss of protected status.  Congress will not rise to the challenge by Monday, but here are 3 reasons to not abandon hope of justice for dreamers. Reason #1: …

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Is Christmas really a remarkable refugee story?


Not at first glance.  But there are some significant truths around God’s movement of people in the Christmas narrative. The Bible is a remarkable story of movement. My friend Jenny Yang with World Relief first reminded me of this simple, but profound truth.  The first immigrants came from Eden.  As their children moved across the…

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The Number ONE Way to FIGHT for JUSTICE Today!


My son, Daniel, and I spent two days in Washington DC this week with Faith Leaders from across the country #Faith4Dreamer.  We marched, we sang, we prayed, we petitioned, we held a powerful press conference, some took prophetic action through peaceful arrest, and we met with Congressional leaders.  But the trip reminded me of the…

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3 Helpful Ways to Advance Justice for Dreamers

justice for dreamers

This week is #Faith4DreamWeek.  Behind the hashtag is the important future of 800,000 young men and women dubbed “dreamers” whose fate lies in the halls of Congress.  My son, Daniel and I, will be in those halls this week with other faith leaders from across the country.  But whether in Congress or the Church, here…

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