What happens when the Church does Justice?

I love the church. Unfortunately, today those words are as well received as saying I love lawyers. Why? For many, both groups are viewed as apathetic to the needs of the poor and vulnerable. What if we could change that perception? What happens when the church does justice? Where is the church? The pandemic was…

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7 Ways to Teach Kids about Gospel Justice


Every child understands justice – just try treating your children differently! Children want everything to be fair. This is because God made us in His image and He is a God of Justice. But Justice can be a messy topic. Some parents may want to avoid the controversy. But God has a lot to say…

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What legal steps every business & church should do now!


Congress passed three major bills in March and two of those impact businesses, churches and not for profits.  Here is what you need to know to take legal steps to support your business, church or not for profit. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act The Act passed on March 18 and went into effect on…

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The Initiative Succeeded! Now is the time to Administer Justice!


I am excited to announce the successful completion of Gospel Justice Initiative.  In the days ahead we will be changing our web site and materials to reflect our decision to now use the name Administer Justice. The Initiative Succeeded! Webster defines initiative as “an introductory step, introductory, preliminary.”  In 2011 John Robb (left) and I…

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How to see a Heart of Justice: a Pharisee’s Confession


I was going to be a super hero and change the world.  How about you?  The problem is we become the hero.  Our cape is that of a Pharisee.  Maybe you can identify with my struggle as a recovering pharisee and my journey toward justice. The Heart of a Pharisee The heart of a Pharisee…

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How to see Churches restore Love of Neighbor through Justice


Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  The day celebrates love, but what is love?  Exploring the answer to that simple question will compel action and help us understand how to see churches restore love of neighbor through justice. Love is more than chocolate Millions of dollars in chocolate is sold at Valentine’s Day.  Is that…

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How to take action on the president’s immigration orders

immigration orders

This week the Department of Homeland Security released fact sheets, Q&A’s, and implementation memorandum for the President’s Executive Order issued January 25 entitled, “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States.”   Let’s examine what all these documents say, the possible impact, and how people of faith can respond. What the President’s immigration orders…

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How to have legacy impact through legal ministry

legacy impact

Do you believe you were meant for something bigger?  Maybe not grand famous things, but something of significance and lasting value.  I believe the Creator of the Universe created you for such a purpose.  Let me show you one way to have legacy impact through legal ministry. “Do you miss it?” The question caught me…

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Zombie Foreclosures: 3 things to know and 2 things to do

  by Bruce Strom Zombie foreclosures impact individuals and communities.  If you know someone going through foreclosure or are aware of any vacant property in your community, then this information may be helpful to you.  Here are three things to know and two things you can do to help. What are zombie foreclosures? If the…

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Serving Others

by Bruce Strom This Monday we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  We are right to honor a man who demonstrated that greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.  Dr. King bore no hate toward anyone.  He looked not to his own interest but to…

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