The Gospel according to Scrooge

Years ago, as a little child, my mother took me to a production the Jesus People Church was doing of The Gospel According to Scrooge. More than an intriguing title, the musical was an adaptation of Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol with a focus on the gospel of transformation. The captivating and convicting story of Scrooge…

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A Shot of Hope for Christmas this Year!


The Coronavirus vaccine rolled out this week. We watched Vice President Mike Pence and health care workers receive a shot of hope.  Congress is likely to pass a bipartisan bill providing an additional shot of economic hope this Christmas.  But the greatest shot of hope is not given at Christmas – it IS Christmas. The…

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What was YOUR favorite Christmas gift ever?

favorite gift

I remember visiting the mall and telling Santa all I wanted for Christmas.  How about you?  Some years the list was embarrassingly long.  Probably like me, you forget all the presents over time, but I bet one stands out.  What was your favorite Christmas gift ever? The greatest Christmas gift No cheating.  We all know…

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All I want for Christmas is peace.  How about you?


Christmas is rapidly approaching.  There are gifts to buy and cookies to bake and gifts to buy and presents to wrap and gifts to buy and cards to send.  Just thinking about it makes one dizzy.  All I want for Christmas is peace.  How about you? The Challenge of Christmas I was giving the invocation…

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How to Give the Joy of Justice this Christmas


Merry Christmas!  Daniel, Helen, myself and Joseph wish you all the best as you celebrate with friends and family.  Count your blessings.  There are many who suffer greatly at this time of year.  Would you consider joining our family as we support those who are less fortunate?  Here’s how. 1.  Be extravagantly generous Most of…

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What is the truth about Christmas’s unjust tax policy?

tax policy

Memorized by some, well known by others, the Christmas story begins, “And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.” Lk 2:1 KJV.  Did you ever think about how Christmas began with an unjust tax policy? Was it a tax…

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Why you need to know the story of 3 wealthy risk-takers!


Some call them magi, others wise men, and some kings, but here is why we do them injustice in our Christmas pageants and what you need to know about these wealthy risk-takers. Not Your Christmas Pageant If your son or grandson is wearing a fake beard and towel this Christmas as he parades around the…

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Three Amazing Justice Lessons from The Nativity

We are taking a justice look at Christmas Classics.  We’ve looked at Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Clause, A Christmas Carol, and now look at The Nativity Story.  The story surrounding Jesus birth.  Here are three amazing justice lessons from the nativity. Lesson 1:  God chooses unlikely people and places. Seriously.  Who would leave everything to enter…

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Two powerful business lessons from Scrooge


We are taking a justice look at Christmas Classics.  We’ve looked at Miracle on 34th Street and The Santa Clause.  Arguably the best known Christmas Classic is Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  Scrooge became so popular his name entered the dictionary as a mean or miserly person.  Scrooge is a story of transformation set in…

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