Why do songs of justice matter in a broken world?


By Jeff Frazier, Lead Pastor Chapelstreet Church My grandfather loved the music of the big bands from the 1940s. I have fond memories of him making trumpet sounds with his mouth to some old Benny Goodman or Mills Brothers tune. To this day, whenever I hear those songs, I think of him. Songs have a…

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Should Christians be involved in doing justice?


A disturbing trend has slipped into the church lately, spotlighted by the pandemic and the 2020 election. We have allowed justice to become political, rather than biblical. What are Christians to do? Is it possible to seek justice for our vulnerable neighbors and hold tightly to the gospel? How do we put God’s agenda for…

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How to Advance the Dream of the Poor People’s Campaign


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is best known for his civil rights advocacy.  But Dr. King recognized his dream of freedom and equality for all would never be realized unless poverty was challenged.  He began the poor people’s campaign to shine a light on economic inequality but was assassinated before he could advance the cause. …

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Can we reconcile the Gospel with Social Justice?

social justice

By: Kevin Drendel  Many social justice warriors believe the Church has abandoned the cause of justice. Many in the Church believe that social justice has abandoned the Gospel. Meanwhile, God’s heart is to proclaim good news to the poor. Jesus began his ministry when he read from Isaiah: “The Spirit of the Lord is on…

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3 reliable steps to promote justice for all!


I spent part of last week in Michigan speaking at the Celebration of Justice Conference.  Through panels, speakers and workshops the conference focused on three pillars.  These pillars provide 3 reliable steps to promote justice for all. Step One:  Begin with a firm Biblical foundation.   The Celebration of Justice Conference wrestled with the tension…

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Why does a theology of justice matter?

theology of justice

Three conferences this week exemplify why a theology of justice matters.  Restore 117, The Justice Conference and the Southern Baptist Convention all hosted gatherings this past week. The Southern Baptist Demonstration of a Theology of Justice The Southern Baptist are the largest evangelical denomination in America.  In the past decade they have confessed the evil…

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