How you can do justice for immigrant neighbors in need

immigrant neighbors

Are you tired of demeaning rhetoric? Upset over the treatment of immigrant and refugee neighbors? Passionate about justice but don’t know how to offer practical assistance? We want to help. Let us show you how you can do justice for immigrant neighbors in need. Alleviate fear for immigrant neighbors One of the best ways to…

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Why do songs of justice matter in a broken world?


By Jeff Frazier, Lead Pastor Chapelstreet Church My grandfather loved the music of the big bands from the 1940s. I have fond memories of him making trumpet sounds with his mouth to some old Benny Goodman or Mills Brothers tune. To this day, whenever I hear those songs, I think of him. Songs have a…

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A Shot of Hope for Christmas this Year!


The Coronavirus vaccine rolled out this week. We watched Vice President Mike Pence and health care workers receive a shot of hope.  Congress is likely to pass a bipartisan bill providing an additional shot of economic hope this Christmas.  But the greatest shot of hope is not given at Christmas – it IS Christmas. The…

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How can I be Thankful in an Unjust World?


Pandemics, elections, racial tensions, economic instability.  These are the circumstances we are living in right now.  All of which are fraught with uncertainty.  Amidst all this uncertainty, it can feel difficult to be thankful as we approach Thanksgiving.  How could Paul write: “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ…

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Now is the time for Kingdom voting!


Voting has begun.  Millions of Americans have already voted and millions more will vote this Tuesday.  Please vote.  We have the privilege in this country to participate in elections.  But those who follow Christ should vote loosely.  We are not people of a party, but a party of people set apart from this world.  Our…

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Letting Our Light Shine


by Judy Miller The COVID-19 pandemic has permeated every crevice of our society and has shone a light into some of our dustiest corners. The world of work is one of these corners. We have seen tens of thousands of our neighbors lose their jobs. Many others have seen a shift in their work. Some…

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How you can be the answer to equitable education opportunities


By Damien Howard Education is foundational to success.  This is why education is one of the pillars of Together Chicago along with a partnership with Administer Justice to establish neighborhood gospel justice centers.  Damien shares why equitable education opportunity is so critical. Hello Neighbor! That is how I usually greet my friends serving alongside me…

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Three Ways Justice is the Heartbeat of a Father


Fathers matter.  While it is common to attack fathers for being absent in families or an abusive presence, there are many fathers leaving justice legacies through courage, conviction and care.  Thank you for representing the heartbeat of our heavenly father. The Heartbeat of a Father Demonstrates Justice Through Courage You would take a bullet for…

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What can I do about the agonizing pain of injustice?


“I can’t breathe”.  The cry of George Floyd echoed loudly across the nation this week.  Collectively we could not breathe as we watched another black man unjustly lose his life.  We must not allow the response of a few to overshadow the actions of many who are demanding change. Breathe Do you yearn to breathe…

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