What happens when the Church does Justice?

I love the church. Unfortunately, today those words are as well received as saying I love lawyers. Why? For many, both groups are viewed as apathetic to the needs of the poor and vulnerable. What if we could change that perception? What happens when the church does justice? Where is the church? The pandemic was…

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Why Justice Needs to be a Team Sport

When I was in school, I ran track. Track is not a team sport. I was part of a team, but I ran on my own. Justice in America is too much like that. Instead of coming alongside someone facing injustice, we point to the starting line and tell them to start running. Justice as…

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5 Tips for Telling Powerful Stories of Impact

Jesus was a great storyteller. He didn’t use fancy power points, brochures, or video. He invited his audience into stories. Stories paint a picture that capture our hearts and minds. Any leader who wants to encourage a team, invite people to volunteer, give, or be involved in advancing justice should explore the power of story.…

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2 Startling Reports on the Lack of Access to Justice!

access to justice

Two major reports demonstrate the startling reality of a lack of access to justice.  While the trends are disturbing, the opportunity to expand help and hope is greater. Justice and the Poor: A study of the present denial of justice to the poor In July, Harvard released a significant report on the legal system and…

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What will YOU do to Open the Gates of Justice?

open the gates

Do you believe Micah 6:8?  “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to DO JUSTICE, LOVE KINDNESS, and to WALK HUMBLY with your God.”  On Friday, October 19, 564 registered guest gathered at STRONGER to live out Micah 6:8.  Here’s how you can join…

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3 Powerful Lessons from the Heart of a Father


Father’s Day.  For some the day is a challenge of emotions caused by a distant, abusive or absent father.  Others spend an awkward day required by a divorce decree.  Many reflect on a dad who is no longer living.  Fathers aren’t perfect, but we have a heavenly father who is and he built within dads…

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How to Make Justice for All Possible

make justice for all possible

Next week is National Pro Bono Celebration Week and the perfect opportunity to examine how to make justice for all possible.  By identifying the problem we can identify how to work together toward a solution. America has a problem America’s number one problem is we don’t recognize the problem.  We recognize symptoms and spend a…

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5 Ways to Understand the Value of Freedom

Freedom is critical for the flourishing of people.  Freedom is deeply connected to justice.  Here are five ways to understand the value of freedom in the work of justice.  Freedom and Faith. This Sunday is Freedom Sunday.  Our friends at International Justice Mission are spotlighting human slavery.  Join us and access the free resources available…

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Scariest Costume Ever!

by Bruce Strom I dropped my sons off at their high school today. I hope they were allowing costumes as I saw cats, witches and an assortment of others entering the school. But my son had the scariest costume of all. He was a lawyer. Dressed in a sharp suit, nothing strikes more fear than…

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The Pro Bono Conundrum

“The Lord looked and was displeased to find there was no justice.  He was amazed to see that no one intervened to help the oppressed.”  Isa. 59:16 I wonder if God shares the big profit concerns of large law firms.  This week’s lead story in Craine’s Chicago Business was on the widening justice gap in…

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