Application for Church Justice Center

Thank you for your desire to bring help and hope to neighbors near you! We at GJI are excited about the prospect of working together. The purpose of this Application is to help us get to know you a little better and to anticipate what things might help or hinder a successful ministry collaboration. Because of the commitment that GJI makes to Justice Centers, this Application will be reviewed by GJI senior leaders. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bruce, CEO, at


Please describe the clients you are thinking about serving with a Justice Center

Team Leader

Please provide the name of your Justice Center Team Leader (s).

Team Members

Please list the names of four possible team members, including at least one attorney.


Please identify and describe the facility, including location and accessibility, and space you plan to use for the Justice Center.


What are your key reasons for wanting to establish a Justice Center?

What do you see as some of the key factors that need to be present in your Justice Center in order to achieve the results you mentioned above?

What do you view as some possible barriers to beginning and leading an effective Justice Center?

I agree that the above information is true, and I have read and agree with GJI’s statement of faith, values and guidelines.