Should Christians be involved in doing justice?


A disturbing trend has slipped into the church lately, spotlighted by the pandemic and the 2020 election. We have allowed justice to become political, rather than biblical. What are Christians to do? Is it possible to seek justice for our vulnerable neighbors and hold tightly to the gospel? How do we put God’s agenda for…

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How to Advance the Dream of the Poor People’s Campaign


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is best known for his civil rights advocacy.  But Dr. King recognized his dream of freedom and equality for all would never be realized unless poverty was challenged.  He began the poor people’s campaign to shine a light on economic inequality but was assassinated before he could advance the cause. …

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Thank you for generously Restoring Hope for vulnerable neighbors!

Thank You

  The news can make it seem like we are coming apart.  But you showed otherwise.  You demonstrated love for vulnerable neighbors, despite the violence entering our homes through television.  That is the America I believe in.  Thank you. Restoring Hope campaign success While others were distracted by an election and the drama that followed,…

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Expanded Tax Benefits Help You Support Charity This Year.


Christmas is why we give.  God so loved you he gave his one and only son (Jn. 3:16).  But there is nothing wrong with being a good steward and taking advantage of some year-end tax opportunities. New Tax Deductions for People Who Don’t Itemize The CARES Act passed earlier this year provides a one-time above…

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How to Restore Hope through Justice


COVID-19 has increased legal needs by 30%!  As temporary aid expires and moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures end, that percentage will only go up.  Concerns for health are only aggravated by all the uncertainty. Child abuse and intimate partner abuse are on the rise.  Laws are flying off the shelf, but who can understand them? …

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Doing justice requires patience


by Daniel Strom This time of year is usually marked by excitement and anticipation for students heading back to school. For millions of kids across our country, COVID-19 has changed that excitement and anticipation to disappointment and anxiety.  These issues are in the front of my mind as I begin a new job with the…

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How you can be the answer to equitable education opportunities


By Damien Howard Education is foundational to success.  This is why education is one of the pillars of Together Chicago along with a partnership with Administer Justice to establish neighborhood gospel justice centers.  Damien shares why equitable education opportunity is so critical. Hello Neighbor! That is how I usually greet my friends serving alongside me…

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Graduates Ask: Where in the World is God’s Justice?


By: Joseph Strom For young graduates, their friends and families, spring is full of graduations celebrating important milestones in their lives. It’s an event young people work hard to reach, waiting in giddy anticipation for the realization of their achievements. But graduation also means entering something new: a new stage of education, an internship or…

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What can I do about the agonizing pain of injustice?


“I can’t breathe”.  The cry of George Floyd echoed loudly across the nation this week.  Collectively we could not breathe as we watched another black man unjustly lose his life.  We must not allow the response of a few to overshadow the actions of many who are demanding change. Breathe Do you yearn to breathe…

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