How you can do justice for immigrant neighbors in need

immigrant neighbors

Are you tired of demeaning rhetoric? Upset over the treatment of immigrant and refugee neighbors? Passionate about justice but don’t know how to offer practical assistance? We want to help. Let us show you how you can do justice for immigrant neighbors in need. Alleviate fear for immigrant neighbors One of the best ways to…

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Did you know injustice does not shelter in place?

shelter in place

While we shelter in place, injustice roams freely.  Confusion around new laws, unemployment, assistance with government funds, safety from abuse, protection from fraud and the list goes on.  Administer Justice is open – virtually.  You can trust us and we are here to help.  Call 847-844-1100 for phone/video assistance.  Here is guidance through this confusing…

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5 Powerful Reasons to RESTORE Yourself this Weekend!


Do you want to be restored?  Our world is broken.  Injustice abounds.  Whether on the news, at work, in our family or among our friends we face challenges.  We want to restore you to face those challenges.  Here are 5 powerful reasons to restore yourself this weekend. Reason #1:  Lament – a call for justice…

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How to root emerging leaders in gospel justice advocacy.

emerging leader

Christian Community Development Association celebrated 30 years this past week at their Rooted Conference in Chicago.  Nearly 5,000 people gathered to celebrate being rooted in a deep and abiding faith in God, a call to community and place, and a commitment to persevere in hope for the long haul.  I had the privilege of introducing…

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Justice Champion: Robin Gracie Travis-Murphree

GRACIE MURPHREE, JUSTICE CHAMPION Justice Champion Robin Gracie Travis-Murphree was asked so often how she survived the trials of her life that her answer, “By the grace of God”, led to the name by which she is now known: Gracie. The Lord confirmed this change through 1 Corinthians 15:10 and 1 Timothy 1:12. Gracie will tell you…

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3 Remarkable Lessons from a Courageous Rescue Mission


Last week the world witnessed the courageous cave rescue of twelve members of the now-famous Wild Boars youth soccer team.  Here are three remarkable lessons for us. Lesson One:  The resilience of hope The day began full of promise.  Saturday, June 23 was Peerapat “Night” Sompiangjai’s 17th birthday.   While a Sponge Bob birthday cake and…

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3 Powerful Lessons from the Heart of a Father


Father’s Day.  For some the day is a challenge of emotions caused by a distant, abusive or absent father.  Others spend an awkward day required by a divorce decree.  Many reflect on a dad who is no longer living.  Fathers aren’t perfect, but we have a heavenly father who is and he built within dads…

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The Powerful Truth about Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Memorial Day dates back in some form to 1868.  The holiday honors those who died in wars for America.  There is a deeper truth in the day which we do well to honor.  Here is the powerful truth about Memorial Day. Memorial Day is not about death, but life. Abraham Lincoln understood the powerful truth…

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How to actually Restore Justice in three steps

restore justice

Our justice system is broken.  Can it be restored?  If we believe God is the restorer of all things, that He makes all things new, then that must include broken systems.  Here is a quick look at how to actually restore justice in three steps. Step One:  Acknowledge the Problem. Our friends at Alcoholics Anonymous…

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