How to Restore Hope through Justice


COVID-19 has increased legal needs by 30%!  As temporary aid expires and moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures end, that percentage will only go up.  Concerns for health are only aggravated by all the uncertainty. Child abuse and intimate partner abuse are on the rise.  Laws are flying off the shelf, but who can understand them?  How does someone know how to access help or who to trust? Shorter days and worsening weather will further fuel anxiety, depression and resultant abuse and despair.  Our neighbors need hope.

Restoring Hope:  How you can make a difference!

For 20 years, Administer Justice has served as a trusted resource for legal guidance.  More than 67,000 clients have been freed from legal burdens so they can flourish.  But the impact extends far beyond those clients to their families and friends.

On Thursday night, October 22 at 7:00 PM we invite you to be part of Restoring Hope. Join a small group live or stay distanced by setting up a zoom party.  Registration is free but required to receive the link.

Restoring Hope

Hear stories of transformation, learn of the exciting opportunity to expand impact in more neighborhoods, and be inspired by Dr. Tony Evans, our featured speaker.  The event is less than one hour, but the impact extends generations.

Legacy Impact

During this pandemic, I met one of our volunteers.  After she began volunteering, she told her dad and he let her know Administer Justice is why she grew up with him.  When she was 13, he was referred to Administer Justice for help.  We helped him gain custody which made a big difference in her life.  After volunteering and seeing the difference first hand, she decided to go to law school.

What an example of legacy impact.  Supporting legal ministry impacts people in important ways, but it also impacts generations.  At a time of unprecedented need in our country, we have unprecedented opportunity for legacy impact.

Torchlighters and Torchbearers: Bringing the Light of Christ

Our torch logo represents many hands coming together to advance the light of Christ in a dark world.  Your support multiplies legacy impact.


Torchlighters provide $5,000 to open a new gospel justice center.  This one-time gift creates a lifetime of impact.  Once opened, a gospel justice center is self-sustaining through $30 client dignity fees.  In the first year, this center will equip 10 volunteers who donate an average of 600 hours to directly impact the lives of 100 vulnerable neighbors, as well as their friends and families.  More than $30,000 in legal services are donated.

Two generous donors have stepped forward to match donations of $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000.  You can impact 1, 2 or 4 entire communities with this gift.  If you donate now, you have the opportunity to join an exclusive zoom call with Dr. Tony Evans. You can find more information here.



Torchbearers are monthly donors.  You may not have the capacity to be a Torchlighter, but you can partner with a client.  We invite you to identify with a client by contributing $30, $60 or $90 a month.  Each client contributes a $30 dignity fee for service. This fee is not a barrier, but an invitation to be an active participant in the process of accessing justice.  Each time you see this donation post to your card or bank, pray for a client.  Identify with them.  We will share their stories with you.

God identifies with us in our suffering.  He willingly suffered that we might experience hope found in a relationship with Him.  Through His grace, He placed you in the richest country on Earth.  Everything you have is a gift from Him.  How happy He is when you share His gift to advance His Kingdom of justice and righteousness.


We invite you to be part of Restoring Hope.  Our theme verse is Hebrews 6:19, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”  If you have this hope, will you share this hope with others?

Please share this opportunity with friends.  Invite them to join you and pray about how God might use you in Restoring Hope through justice.


About Bruce Strom

I am a lawyer, pastor, CEO, and author of Gospel Justice who builds communities of justice minded Christians to free people from legal burdens so they can flourish. I didn’t always care about justice. I was busy as the senior partner of a successful multi-office law practice. But I missed something. God was less concerned about me building my kingdom and more concerned about how I was advancing His kingdom. I left private practice to start Administer Justice to serve the least of these with their legal needs. Over 20 years later, churches, lawyers, and individuals across the country are joining a movement to Administer Justice for those in need.