What does being generous have to do with justice?


Giving Tuesday Now is this Tuesday, May 5.  The global organizers moved the traditional Tuesday after Thanksgiving up to allow you to join a generous response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.   This opportunity taps into the power of human connection and grassroots generosity.  We invite you to join this generous movement with a gift of $30 to provide justice and hope to a neighbor in need.  Doing so is a true demonstration of justice.  Here’s why.

Injustice is selfish

Sometimes justice is hard to define.  But think about injustice.  What makes something unfair?  From our earliest memories we recognize unfairness as someone taking something – like a bigger piece of cake.  Why do we know it is wrong for someone to take a bigger piece of the PPP Cake – that is the giant companies that took money intended for small businesses?  I think it is because we are made in the image of a God of justice.

Injustice and unfairness are rooted in selfishness.  Selfishness shows up as a lack of concern for someone else.  This week a DePaul student is being held to account for taking advantage of COVID-19.  Do you remember the toilet paper scare?  This student set up an online store and advertised free toilet paper on Facebook.  All you had to do was pay shipping.  Maybe you saw the ad.  Thousands of responses came in, money was collected, and no toilet paper was sent.  He was prepared to run off with more than $50,000.  There are probably some witty crude responses that say how that is unjust.

Justice is generous

You know in your gut that stories of greed and selfishness are unjust.  Something equally tells us the sacrifice of first responders from janitors to doctors and nurses is admirable.  Watching neighbors deliver groceries or call to ensure someone is heart-warming.  Administer Justice celebrated 74 volunteers who called on 930 vulnerable neighbors we’ve served.  This unselfish response to love a neighbor is justice in action.

Hebrew helps.  One word for justice in the Bible is Tzedek.  The word reflects making something right.  Restoring relationship with God and man.  And if you want an “ah” moment, the Hebrew word for generous is Tzedekah.  The Bible literally says justice is rooted in generosity.  Generous people sacrifice something to benefit someone else.  That is doing justice.  Above all that is reflecting the character of your creator who generously gave the life of his son to pay the penalty of your sin.  Our God is generous.  If you aren’t sure of that, please read our short tract Good News About Justice.


Giving Tuesday Now

You have the opportunity this Tuesday to give the gift of justice and hope for a neighbor in need.  Giving $30 provides access to the help of a lawyer and the hope of God’s love.  Giving is an act of justice and provides access to justice for the receiver.  A double blessing!


As individuals are defrauded by increasing scams, they need legal help.  Eva spent hours trying to get unemployment.  Finally, she received a notice awarding only $193 a week.  Then she received nothing.  She needed help completing the correct form to avoid improper deductions and obtain the CARES Act additional $600 payment.  That is life-changing for Eva.  But without legal access the law is confusing and fear is overwhelming.

Sharon also lost her job in COVID and could not pay her full rent.  She was threatened with eviction.  Without access to a lawyer to know the Executive Orders and other orders prohibiting eviction and an advocate, she lived in fear.  Now she has hope.  You make that possible.

Our call volume has increased 30% because of COVID-19.  We need your help.  $30 makes a difference.  Will you give $30 and then share the opportunity with friends?

Together we can expand access to justice for all in need.

May Justice Roll

If you would like to go deeper in exploring God’s heart for justice, then we want to help.   May justice roll is a month of exploring justice.  Visit our website for resources from a Bible verse a day, small group study guide on justice, recommended reading, movies and music.  We will post videos from thought leaders and invite you to join live video blogcast or view later.

This week Jules Roper and I will go deeper in talking about generous justice.  Next week for Mother’s Day, Judy Miller will help you think about women and justice.  The week after Kevin Drendel will guide you in exploring faith and justice.  And our month ends with Rev. Alvin C. Bibbs, Sr. taking you into a discussion on race and justice.

This is your justice journey.  Grab some friends and discover God’s heart together.