Thank you for doing justice through compassionate care!


You did it!  You successfully brought justice and hope to nearly 1,000 vulnerable neighbors through the compassionate care campaign.  Allow us to share some of your stories and the opportunity to be part of a new May Justice Roll campaign.

The success of the Compassionate Care Campaign

On March 14 I met with our COO Jules Roper and Executive Director Judy Miller to discuss the coming impact of COVID-19.  We prayed together and talked through how the increasing number of cases would impact our clients.  We discussed how our staff could safely continue to serve.  Our hope was to help people focus on helping others as a visible demonstration of administering justice with mercy and compassion.  That is why we created the Compassionate Care Campaign.

The campaign was intended to invite others to make calls, pray and provide encouragement.  And you responded!

Care Calls and Clients Impacted


Wow – what a response!  You accepted the challenge to call on vulnerable neighbors in need.  You provided a calm, encouraging voice in the storm.  Here is some of your feedback:

“After praying with a particular person there was an immediate change to the conversation and a bonding that took place.”

“My first call was to a woman who was so excited that I was reaching out to show her care.”

“I got to find out that the lady I spoke with was an author and had plans to release a children’s book in the near future. It was fun to connect with her about it and hear her passion in spite of the hardships she was facing.”

“One person was so thankful that I could pray for health and safety for her family and that I could relate that I also had kids at home and we couldn’t go anywhere, so she knew she wasn’t the only one.”

“One client said that the timing of my call was perfect. She was feeling down and became encouraged by us reaching out.”

Hearing the voices of neighbors

“To hear the voices of those in great need. They needed to share they had need of a job. Their rent is due and they are worried they don’t have enough. We had a short time of prayer. Bringing in the Savior means a lot. They felt that praying could help them in the situation.”

“One client who recently moved out of state said “Your call is very timely because I was beginning to get stressed out about my situation. I didn’t realize you had locations outside of Illinois.” I was able to hear her concern and connect her with volunteer attorneys with Administer Justice in her state.”

“A client who expressed gratitude for getting the kind of legal advice that relieved a huge worry and burden when she found out her fears were unfounded. People had given her the wrong advice and information, and the lawyer set things straight.”

“A client had just lost an uncle who passed away in the hospital alone because family was not allowed there. They were devastated and she was having to deal with her ex-husband and family (abusive spouse) while making arrangements for burial. We prayed with each other and she felt more peace and had more strength to move forward.”

“One woman was very worried because she lost her job and wasn’t sure how she would feed her 3 children. She was grateful to know that she could connect with our client advocate for resources to help.”

The impact on you

You shared the blessing of being able to reach out to others.  To take a break from your computer and focus on showing love and compassion to a stranger on a personal level.  Many of you relayed how encouraged you were when the client prayed for you!  What a wonderful demonstration of loving our neighbors.

Thank you!

May Justice Roll


We want to continue to provide opportunity to do justice by loving our vulnerable neighbors.  For the month of May we will provide more practical ways to be involved.  We will join other not for profits on Tuesday, May 5 for Giving Tuesday Now.  You reached out to 1,000 neighbors.  Will you now help us reach out to 1,000 others and invite them to partner in supporting a client?  We will be asking for $30 donations to help provide access to justice for vulnerable neighbors.  $30,000 will provide needed technology upgrades and infrastructure so we can expand our service.

Our May focus will also expand awareness on the justice needs of our neighbors during COVID-19 and beyond.  Watch for more Facebook Live/You Tube talks by our LITC/Legal Services Director Angela Seiner.   There will be opportunities to go deeper in understanding God’s heart for justice, building justice community, and more.

Justice is a community effort.  We could not do this without you.  Thank you for partnering with us to Administer true justice as we show mercy and compassion to one another.  Zech. 7:9.