Did you know injustice does not shelter in place?

shelter in place

While we shelter in place, injustice roams freely.  Confusion around new laws, unemployment, assistance with government funds, safety from abuse, protection from fraud and the list goes on.  Administer Justice is open – virtually.  You can trust us and we are here to help.  Call 847-844-1100 for phone/video assistance.  Here is guidance through this confusing storm.

Economic Impact Payments

This is the money from the federal government to individuals – $1,200 per person ($2,400 per couple) plus $500 per dependent.  As a Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic, we are able to answer your questions and help you receive your payments.  Here is some self-help guidance:

  • I don’t want to wait to get a check in the mail but did not register a bank account for automatic deposit. You can register a bank account here to expedite automatic deposit.
  • How can I check on the status of my payment? Go here.
  • What if I haven’t filed my taxes? The deadline is now July 15, but if you did not file in the past two years and should have, file now.  You can file for free through the IRS.  Call us with questions.
  • What if I only receive social security or SSI and don’t have to file? You will still receive funds based on records with the Social Security Administration.  Sign up for direct deposit, check the status, or learn more here.
  • My ex owes me child support, will the IRS garnish and send me the funds they were to receive?  Yes.


  • If your landlord is trying to evict you, call us. Executive Order 2020-10, section 2 ceased enforcement of orders of eviction.  There are similar orders in Chicago and counties.  These do NOT remove the requirement to pay, so try to work with your landlord.
  • Need help? There are several public and private forms of assistance available.  Learn more here.
  • If you have a mortgage, you should work with your lender on a payment plan or deferral. The federal CARES Act permits up to six months deferral with proof of hardship.

Loss of Job

  • If you became sick or need to care for someone who is sick, you may be eligible for two weeks of paid sick leave and extended benefits under the Family Medical Leave Act. Until Congress passed the Coronavirus Families First Protection Act, only employees working for companies with 50 or more employees were eligible.  New tax credits provided small employers now expands eligibility.  Read this.
  • Unemployment is complicated and hard to get. Here is an excellent guide on what you need to obtain unemployment and the process for getting it.

Garnishments, repossessions and driving questions

  • Executive Order 2020-25 put a freeze on garnishments, wage deductions (except child support) and citations to discover assets. If someone is trying to garnish you, call us – 847-844-1100.
  • Executive Order 2020-16 suspends repossession of vehicles. Someone cannot take your car.
  • Did your registration expire? Driver’s license?  State ID? Parking sticker or permit?  Executive Order 2020-8 extends the expiration and the Secretary of State extended further to at least 90 days past the lifting of any shelter in place order.


  • You are eligible for unemployment if you are a green card holder, DACA recipient, refugee or granted asylum. Receipt of benefits will NOT be considered a public charge.
  • Here is a helpful guide to your rights and available resources.

Spouse and Child AbuseExecutive Order

  • This is national child abuse month. We know it can be challenging with kids at home but nothing justifies abuse.  If you suspect abuse call 1-800-25-Abuse.
  • Domestic violence is on the rise as fear and uncertainty mounts. We understand the pressure but take a walk.  Nothing justifies abuse.  Call the hotline if you suspect abuse or need help.


Wills and other documents needing notaries or witnesses

Executive Order 2020-14 allows notarization and witnessing to be done remotely by two-way audio-video technology.  We can help you.  Be careful of scams as there are specific rules for protecting you that those doing the notarization or witnessing must follow.

Did you know Jesus does not social distance?

While it is true that injustice does not shelter in place, it is equally true that Jesus does not social distance.  He loves you.  Jesus does not distance himself from you.  He is an ever-present help in times of trouble.  He invites you to draw near to Him.  If you are struggling with God’s justice and presence during this crisis we’d love to pray for you.  Send us an e-mail to [email protected] and we will add you to our prayers.  Call us to talk or read this resource on Good News about JusticeListen to my message to clients and allow us to come alongside you.  We believe God has a plan for you in the midst of this pandemic and that plan is not to harm you but provide hope for your future.  We welcome the opportunity to help you discover that plan.