Now is the time for Lawyers to Lead in Loving neighbors!


I have seen lawyers rise to the challenge of crisis time and time again.  The Coronavirus crisis is no different.  We have a unique opportunity to bring clarity and peace to neighbors in need.  Here are three things you can do now to help.

1.  Be part of a virtual client appointment in this crisis.

Any time a crisis arises those who are most vulnerable are hit first and hardest.  As jobs are lost, bills mount, and tensions rise in some families where relationships were already strained, getting clarity is significant.  Be part of a team that frees people from fear and brings clarity to chaos.

crisisSome people think lawyers only care about themselves.  This isn’t new.  We all know the famous line, ‘The first thing we must do is kill all the lawyers’ from Shakespeare’s King Henry VI.  The conversation was about how to create chaos.  Lawyers are the bulwark against chaos.  We stand in the gap for the vulnerable against invaders – whether the insurrectionist of Shakespeare or the Coronavirus.

Time Limited Opportunity

As lawyers we are professional crisis managers.  We cut through confusion and fear.  We assess and provide clear guidance on options to move forward.  That is what we are asking you to do.  As you step into this need, you are a Good Samaritan.  You demonstrate compassion and love of neighbor.

We have step by step training for you to serve virtually.  Most appointments are by phone, some by zoom.  You will have a client advocate volunteer on the call with you.  That volunteer will gather basic information before you listen to the legal questions.  You will help the client determine the next steps they should take.  The client advocate will then make certain the client knows what to do, connect them for other resources and with permission pray.  You can help 3-5 clients in a three-hour block of time.  Our staff follows up from there.

We can arrange different time slots, if needed.  This is a great opportunity to serve a vulnerable neighbor in the midst of a crisis.

To get started e-mail [email protected] and tell us your availability.

2.  Be part of our Compassionate Care Campaign.

Crisis generates fear.  An unknown future is scary.  Either we will pull inward, hoard supplies, and hunker down or we will look at what we have and see an opportunity to reach out to others.  We are inviting others to reach outward.   To contact a few of our clients from the past year to make certain they are OK and encourage them.

We will provide five names or more.  You decide.  We will send a script.  4 out of 5 calls are generally resulting in messages of encouragement being left.  One results in a conversation with the opportunity to speak peace in the midst of this storm.  Legal needs can be filtered back to our office.  Practical needs as well.  This is generally requiring half an hour of time, but it means a lot to clients.

To get started go here.  This is something your spouse can do, home from school college son or daughter, or friends.  I believe in times of crisis we rise to the challenge to serve others.  I think it is built into us by the God who made us.  Aren’t you inspired to see human kindness in action?

Allow us to equip you to provide clarity through phone consultations or hope through our compassionate care campaign.  Doing so conveys lawyers care.  I know you do.  Let’s show others.

3.  Support a client in this crisis.

We charge clients a $30 dignity fee.  During times of crisis even $30 makes a difference.  Pay it forward.  Donate $30 to ensure a client receives access to justice.