How to Rejoice in the Uncertainties of life


Life is full of uncertainties.  The truth is none of us know what tomorrow may bring.   Two weeks ago our keynote speaker, Dr. Tony Evans experienced the unexpected in the sudden deterioration in the health of his wife, Lois.  As a result he was unable to come to Chicago and we began our Open the Gates event with prayers for the Evans family.

The Uncertainty of Life

The voices of our clients echoed the uncertainty of life.  Schawann who never expected her husband was leading a double life and would walk out on her.  Ezmeralda who never expected her dad to contract a fatal disease and need help so the family’s savings were not emptied paying for lawyers.  Erika who never expected an exciting home project to turn into a contract nightmare.  And Latosha who never expected she could live without fear of police as she experienced a new life through the expungement of her old life.  These are the voices of our clients.  If you missed them or wish to share them, you can find their stories here and by clicking on the image below.

The Light of Hope

In the midst of the dark uncertainties of life, there shines the light of hope.  That hope of the gospel is lived out through the legal ministry of Gospel Justice Initiative.  What began 19 years ago as one point of light at Fox Valley Church grew into the community based ministry of Administer Justice.  Now two lights shone.

Over the next decade five more lights arose at Willow Creek Community Church, Christ Church Oak Brook, Wheaton Bible Church, Wayside Cross, and Christ Community Church.  Five years ago, I formed Gospel Justice Initiative to expand access to justice across the United States.  Last year Administer Justice and Gospel Justice Initiative merged to expand capacity to serve vulnerable neighbors caught in the uncertainties of life.  We placed a challenge to double our local site locations through six new neighborhoods.  We added 11!  Those 11 joined 33 new neighborhoods across the country bringing to 100 the number of neighborhood site locations we are serving!

We raised our hands to let our light shine toward the vision of 1,000 gospel justice centers transforming lives in the name of Christ.  Thank you to all those who joined us!

Thank you for Opening the Gates for Justice and Hope!

Two years ago the United States ranked 65th in the world for providing affordable access to justice.  Today we rank 98th!  One in three Americans cannot afford to hire a lawyer and when the uncertainties of life strike, the consequences can be tragic.  At the same time, you have joined us to change that story.  Two years ago Administer Justice raised just under $100,000.  Last year with the merger we raised $200,000 and this year you helped us raise nearly $400,000.  Thank you!  We had a matching gift of $25,000 to launch 10 new neighborhood locations.  Because of your generosity we have resources to launch 15 new neighborhood locations!

Hundreds of you raised your hands to join us in prayer, share the opportunity of opening the gates with others, volunteer, and connect us with new neighborhood locations to serve those in need.  We are honored to advance God’s heart of justice together with you and will be in contact shortly.   If you were unable to attend but still want to join us, please do so here.

Expanding Hope for Vulnerable Neighbors

Almost every week with your support we are reaching a new neighborhood in need.  On the day after our fundraiser, Judith was launching a new location at Grace & Peace Church in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago.  We equip volunteers at each location to use their gifts to serve vulnerable neighbors.

Life is full of uncertainties.  Too often the unexpected results in questions surrounding the law.  And law is frightening to anyone.  But in the fear there is a light people can turn to for justice and hope because of your support.  If you missed our event please consider making a donation to make a difference for a vulnerable neighbor.  Please consider becoming a monthly donor.  We invite you to partner with a client who pays a one-time dignity fee of $30.  Come alongside one, two or three clients a month in regular support.

We can rejoice in the uncertainties of life when we come together to help those who are vulnerable.  We look forward to continuing to do this together with you.

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  1. Yolanda Mitchell on October 21, 2019 at 7:57 pm

    How would I go about starting a center in my area?