Why does the heart of every mom beat for justice?


Admit it moms. Someone does something unfair to your child and you turn into a super hero. It’s true. Inside the heart of every mom is a natural desire to do justice.  I’m convinced God put it there.

Mother’s Day

I admire moms. The best multi-taskers on the planet, you have amazing capacity to care deeply. Sometimes that is hard. You wonder if you can juggle it all. Are you doing all you can for your children? Will they hate you when you impose rules or spend their life on a psychiatrist couch talking about you? Moms are concerned over every cold, every scrape, and every emotional heartache. You are concerned because you care.

You are a justice champion.

Across the country among our 84 legal ministry sites, mom’s lead 80%. We call them justice champions because God created them to be justice champions. Advocates for the underdog. Always the chief advocate for their child. You know what it means to help the hurting. You understand how important it is to be there in the moment of crisis and pain. Thank you.

Many moms need your help.

While every mom is a natural advocate, for some that is hard. Single mom’s wear multiple hats and worry about their kids all the time. They make up the largest poverty demographic with 48.4% of mom’s with a child under the age of 6 living in poverty. Child care is expensive and hard to find. So is health care. What bills do you juggle to keep food on the table and a roof over your head? When a legal issue arises, it is overwhelming.

A recent mom encounter.

momsI’ll call her Jane. I was volunteering at one of our legal ministries during a go and see orientation. An amazing attorney mom, Lavinia, was with me. Jane’s son struggled with anxiety and other disorders. As a result, he was bullied at school. Mom wanted to move her son to another school.

Lavinia and I are not school law experts, but we reviewed the information and prayed. Lavina had a special needs son. The two moms connected. By the end, Lavinia had shared an article she had written on working with school officials. She coached Jane on pursuing an IEP or how to pursue scholarships with a private school. She was so grateful for the guidance.

Consider how you can help mom’s by volunteering four hours one Saturday a month. Come meet Lavinia and other justice champion mom’s at Restore on June 7-8. Early bird registration ends on May 15.

Justice looks a lot like a mom – strong, compassionate, never giving up. Thanks moms.

About Bruce Strom

I am a lawyer, pastor, CEO, and author of Gospel Justice who builds communities of justice minded Christians to free people from legal burdens so they can flourish. I didn’t always care about justice. I was busy as the senior partner of a successful multi-office law practice. But I missed something. God was less concerned about me building my kingdom and more concerned about how I was advancing His kingdom. I left private practice to start Administer Justice to serve the least of these with their legal needs. Over 20 years later, churches, lawyers, and individuals across the country are joining a movement to Administer Justice for those in need.