Why in the world call it the 79 Justice for All Campaign?


I’m glad you asked.  Here’s why our matching donor and his wife named the 79 Justice for All campaign, how you can be involved, and why it matters.

Why call it the 79 Justice for All Campaign?

A couple of weeks ago a donor called me.  He and his wife were excited about the coming together of Gospel Justice Initiative and Administer Justice.  They knew the Administer Justice story and wanted to encourage others to be part of the story.

Nineteen years ago my wife made a Christmas present for me.  She was pregnant with our twin sons.  She studied the Bible and pulled out 365 verses on justice which she hand wrote on index cards for each day.  The day I ran across Zechariah 7:9 changed everything.

“This is what the Lord Almighty says, ‘Administer true justice, show mercy and compassion to one another.”

The next verse provides a special concern for the vulnerable.  “Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the alien or the poor.  In your hearts do not think evil of each other.” Zech. 7:10.  That is how Administer Justice derived its name and the heart that continues to drive service to this day.campaign

In the polarized world we live in, my donor friends thought it more important than ever to show mercy and compassion as we administer justice for neighbors in need.   So 79 is rooted in Zech. 7:9.

Over the years Administer Justice has served more than 50,000 low income neighbors needing mercy and compassion.  Each day at Administer Justice, as in our 78 sites across the country, someone in need finds a caring place, a smile, a touch, a prayer and practical guidance for legal challenges.


How You can Be Involved

Justice, mercy and compassion are not spectator sports.  You have to ‘administer’ justice.  You have to ‘show’ mercy and compassion.  Actions mean everything.

The 79 Justice for All campaign is an online campaign.  Our donor friends are matching dollar-for-dollar the first 50 gifts of $79!  Your gift is doubled.  Your impact is doubled.  $79 becomes $158!

You can donate on the Administer Justice page or directly on our social media giving platform.  From there you can share the opportunity with friends over social media.  As we celebrate Thanksgiving we have much to be thankful for.  I am thankful for family and friends.  Above all I am thankful for God.  I do not deserve His mercy and compassion.  I am awed that he would use a broken person like me to impact so many lives for his glory.  Never underestimate the impact one life can have on another.  No gift or action is too small to make a difference.

campaignI’m glad Pam understood this.  She is a lawyer who stepped away from practice.  At one time she wasn’t thankful for the law degree God gave her.  But when she learned of the opportunity to use that law degree to help vulnerable neighbors like Martha, she understood the gift her law degree was.  Martha is a widow.  When her husband died last year several legal issues arose which created great fear for this wonderful 98-year-old neighbor.  Pam and a team of volunteers served Martha.  They went to her home and demonstrated mercy and compassion while administering justice through her legal needs.  They gained a new friend.  Every dollar you gives helps us free more friends from fear.

Why it Matters

The book Gospel Justice demonstrates the impact volunteers make as they share their time, talent and treasure with neighbors in need.  My husband and wife donor friends are in the book.  They’ve volunteered and seen the impact as lives are changed.  Like many servants they wish to be anonymous.  They know this is about the recipient, not the giver.  They are merely using a resource God has given them to further His heart for the poor and vulnerable.

That’s why it matters.

It matters to God.  Justice for the poor is the second most prominent theme in Scripture.  Time and again the Bible cries out against injustice for the widow, fatherless, alien and poor.  We are invited to join that cry as we speak up for the poor and destitute and do justice.

America has a problem.  We claim to establish justice and pursue equal justice under law, but that is a false reality.  The truth is only 1 in 3 Americans can afford an attorney and every second someone is unable to find help.  You do NOT have the right to a free attorney unless you are charged with a serious crime.  Most people do not have thousands of dollars to hire a lawyer.campaign

What do you do when you are a single mom?  Abandoned by a husband, alone in multiple challenges, and now abandoned by justice.  70% of Administer Justice’s clients last year were women.  One in four victims of abuse.  And caught in this cycle of desperation are children.  Broken families are a primary cause of childhood poverty.  This is why Administer Justice does what it can to educate families.  When possible we seek to strengthen and keep a family intact.  When not possible, we bring stability to women and children through a dark and difficult time.

Your prayers and support matter.  Please join us in administering justice as we show mercy and compassion to neighbors in need.  Share the opportunity with friends.  Together we can make justice for all more than a pledge, but a promise.

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  1. James W. Didier on November 19, 2018 at 1:43 pm

    We live comfortably well. We “get by” without fear, as we have long-term insurance to help, “just in case.” If we were wealthy we would surely give substantial gifts to your organization.