Stronger: Partnering for a Bright New Future!


Have you heard the powerful news?  Gospel Justice Initiative and Administer Justice are joining forces for a bright new future!  Discover what that means and join the celebration on Friday, October 19 at the Q Center in St. Charles.  Watch the exciting one minute invitation video from Founder, Bruce Strom.




How Administer Justice is Stronger

Administer Justice strengthens its impact across the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area by joining forces with Gospel Justice Initiative.  Administer Justice remains a fully functioning local division of Gospel Justice Initiative.  The name and operations continue but as part of a national movement of legal ministry across the country.

Bruce Strom becomes CEO of both organizations.  His leadership will be a strong catalyst for growth.  After his book, Gospel Justice, was published by Moody in 2013 the opportunity to reach new neighborhoods with the hope of the gospel and the help of a lawyer became apparent.  How to accomplish this vision remained obscure and Bruce formed Gospel Justice Initiative to tackle this challenge in 2014.  Four years later nearly 80 neighborhoods across America and Honduras now have access to a legal ministry.  That growth returns to Administer Justice.

Neighborhoods across the suburbs are rarely connected to public transportation.  Every neighborhood has legal, social and spiritual needs.  To reach more neighbors and neighborhoods Administer Justice needs a seasoned leader.  This week Judith Miller was named as the new Executive Director.  Judith has been with Administer Justice for over a decade and served in multiple roles.  We know God will use her to build on the great work of Eric Nelson to make Administer Justice even stronger.


How Gospel Justice Initiative is stronger

Gospel Justice Initiative joins forces with Administer Justice for a stronger home office example to others.  People across the country and world look to Administer Justice on how to grow.  Administer Justice becomes an innovative leader in the delivery of Christian legal services as we continue to explore better ways to serve neighbors with the gospel and justice.  Together we are the nation’s leader in Christian Legal Aid.

Administer Justice provides leadership, example and training to others locally and across the nation.  Two of Administer Justice’s board members – Tempia Courts and Kevin Drendel – join the board of Gospel Justice Initiative making that board even stronger.  The remaining board members of Administer Justice serve on a new local advisory board and will help recruit others to ensure stronger local impact.

If interested in knowing more or serving on this high impact advisory board contact Bruce – [email protected]

How we are stronger for you!

Joining forces allows us to equip and empower more volunteers to serve.  God has provided you with time, talent and treasure to invest in His kingdom.   Take a few minutes to recapture the vision of God’s people coming together to serve vulnerable neighbors across greater Chicagoland.  Our neighbors need your help.


Your Talent Makes us Stronger

God provided you with skills to bless you, your family AND neighbors in need.  Every time you serve one of the least of these you serve Jesus.  Mt. 25: 31-46    The body of Christ is made up of many members and each person has a part to play.  We have a place for you.  If you are a church leader visit our page and download our article on how to have gospel impact through legal ministry.  If you are a lawyer visit our page and download our article on how to use your law degree for life-changing impact.

Afraid there isn’t a place for you because you are not a lawyer?  Not true.  We have significantly more roles for non-lawyers than for lawyers.  Lawyers need your help.  Justice is for everyone.  Contact us so we can explore this with you.

Your Time Makes us Stronger

We all have different talents and different treasure but each day we have the same time.  How are we using it?  Only one life will soon be past, only what is done for Christ will last.  We encourage you to invest a portion of your time in legal ministry.  Come see what that looks like.  Administer Justice is the model and on Saturday morning, October 13 we invite you to visit Wheaton Bible Church’s legal ministry and attend an orientation afterward.  E-mail Tara at [email protected] for details.  We will have the same opportunity at Christ Community Church in St. Charles on Saturday, December 10.

Your Treasure Makes us Stronger

The Lord has provided all your resources.  If you are an average middle income family earning $51,939 a year (the national average), then you are in the top 1.9% of the wealthiest people on Earth!  You have the chance to share your resources to help your neighbor.

Join us on Friday, October 19 at the Q Center in St. Charles for Stronger, our celebration fundraiser.  The event is free but registration is required.  You will have a fun opportunity to purchase a helium balloon for a few dollars but each balloon pays for a client administrative fee granting them access to justice.  You will laugh over Bears stories told by Illinois Supreme Court Justice Bob Thomas, a former Bears player.  Come marvel at the talent of Huntley Brown as he makes a grand piano light up.  Be inspired by client stories.  And allow Bruce to encourage you through a future vision of stronger impact and how you make that possible through your financial support.

The event will be an amazing celebration.  Bring your friends.  We want to pack the house to demonstrate our concern for God’s heart of justice for the poor.  You will be glad you came.  Stronger is free to attend but requires registration in advance.  We hope to see you on October 19.



Can’t make the event?  Don’t miss the opportunity to donate to advance God’s heart for justice.  Donate now.