How to Explore God’s Call to Do Justice


Last week I spoke with three lawyers and two pastors exploring how they can impact their community through gospel justice ministry.  Good question.  Here’s guidance on how to explore God’s call to do justice.

Explore God’s call through prayer

My conversations this week reminded me of the importance of prayer.  “I’ve been praying for an opportunity to use my gifts,” said one lawyer.  “I was praying for an organization like yours to help me address the needs in our community,” said a pastor.  “I was praying”.

Prayer is the best place to begin.  God created you for something bigger than yourself.  Faith in Christ means you are an adopted child.  You join your dad in the family business.  That business is justice.  First, God’s justice toward us revealed through His mercy.  Second, his invitation to do justice for others.  The Bible cries out for us to stand in the gap on behalf of the vulnerable.  We must not walk past our injured neighbors in need.


Explore God’s call by seeking divine direction

I have a friend named Tim.  He is a retired judge.  Tim enjoyed retirement but knew the time the Lord gave him was not just to spend on himself and family.  He was looking for direction.  One Sunday morning he was praying, “Lord give me a sign.”  He looked up and on the screen was an invitation to serve in a legal ministry.  He is still serving regularly several years later.

Most of us may not receive that dramatic a sign.  But God already said what he wants us to do.  “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”  Mic. 6:8.

You have an answer to the direction God desires.  Do justice. Love kindness.  Walk humbly.  Humility will require you to set aside the fears and doubts that would distract and destroy God’s will for you.

Explore God’s call through partnerships

No one does justice alone.  The children of God were not rugged individualist.  The Bible demonstrates it is not good for man to be alone from the opening pages of Genesis to the closing pages of Revelation.  We were made to be part of the body of Christ, each of us using our gifts in the service of others.  That’s good news.

You don’t need to be a subject matter expert.  If you are a lawyer, God has given you a degree held by less than 1/10 of 1% of people in America.  You were trained to identify issues and determine what is relevant to a situation.  That is what legal ministry is all about.  You are blessed to enter into another person’s world who is overwhelmed by the confusing nature of law.  All you need to do is read a legal document to understand the confusion.  When issues of family, financial stability, health or safety are at stake, it is easy to understand the burden they feel.  You cut through the clutter and provide a plan that gives them clarity and a path forward.  That makes a world of difference.  Especially when you do that in humility with prayer.

Best of all you don’t do that alone.  A team of non-lawyers gifted in prayer, hospitality, administration, interpreting, social service connections and phone follow-up join you in making access to justice possible.  And behind your team stands an expert organization.  For 18 years we have created the tools and perfected the systems to make it easy for you to live out God’s call.

For more information download our guide – How to use your law degree for life changing impact


Explore God’s call by engaging the church

The church is an ideal place to host a legal ministry.  I remember telling my pastor father that there are many people who would not come to see him at the church but they will come to see me, a lawyer.   And when they see how generous and kind church people are in helping them maybe they’ll want to know more about Jesus.

For more information download our guide – How to see gospel impact through justice in your community.

Last week’s blog was an interview with Nancy Cogar in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  She shares how her church is excited about the impact the ministry has and the number of people who join the church because of the love shown to them.

Read last week’s interview with Nancy Cogar.

Meet her pastor and hear about the impact in this video.

Explore God’s call through a Go & See ministry opportunity

Satan provides multiple excuses.  Now is not the time.  I’m not qualified.  I want to, but…  The best way to overcome the inertia of the enemy is to attend an orientation.   Come visit us Saturday, August 11.  You will see a church based legal ministry in action.  Meet the team members that make significant impact possible.  Talk to others, understand their roles, see client meetings, pray and seek direction from the Lord.   I will meet with you and provide all the details on how we cover your cost – malpractice insurance, site location insurance, database, web site, banner, training and supplies.  All you need to do is listen to God’s whisper and say yes.

Going forward you will remit to us client administrative fees of $30 so we can sustain your cost.  You can fundraise under us to provide scholarships for clients who may not be able to pay the full fee and for ongoing minimal supply cost.  It is that easy to make a life-changing difference.

Don’t delay.  Contact Tara, [email protected] or 855-818-4554, today to reserve your space for our go and see orientation on Saturday, August 11 from 8:30 to 2:00.  Lunch is on us.  If outside Illinois we can help with transportation and hotel.   Come explore what God might be calling you to do in the service of His kingdom.

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