Is God’s remarkable gift of work meant for more than money?


Why do you work?  Do you think the only purpose in work is to provide for your family?  Or might there be a deeper purpose?  The question is important to explore.  Is God’s remarkable gift of work meant for more than money?


I believe the answer is an emphatic yes!  God created you in his image.  He is a creative God and you reflect that creativity.  The gifts He has given you enable you to contemplate, create and problem-solve.  You create a product or deliver a service that blesses others and provides resources for your family.  But is it only about profit?

What business are you in?

I believe every business is in the same business – people.  People are your business.  Whether employees, vendors, customers, the community or the world, you are in the people business.  Those people need more than just a product or service, they need hope.  If you are a Christ follower then you know the only true hope in this world is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Your business is ministry!

Too many people believe a lie that you are a Christian on Sunday and in small group, but not in business.  Hogwash!  You are Christ ambassador wherever you go.  You may be the only Jesus people see as they interact with your business.  Do they see a generous business or do they see a business that cuts corners at every opportunity to make or save a dollar?

The Bible is clear:  “Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely, who conduct their affairs (business) with justice.” Ps. 112:5.

But how might that be lived out in a business?  We want to explore that very question with you at Restore 117 on June 8-9 at Judson University, Elgin, Illinois.

What does it mean to be a corporate citizen of heaven?

Heaven’s throne is justice and we are to work and pray to see, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”  Mt. 6:10.  Would it shock you to know that the United States ranks 94th in the world for providing affordable access to justice.  We tie with Bangladesh.  That is not justice for all.  Every second in this country an employee, customer, vendor, or member of your community is turned away from legal services because no help is available.  Single moms, homeless veterans, elderly, and other vulnerable people are regularly denied access to justice.

The shocking truth is you do NOT have the right to a free attorney unless you are charged with a crime.  If you are the victim of fraud, abuse, exploitation, trafficking, you have no such right.  Unless you have thousands of dollars for legal fees, you are left to fend for yourself.

You can change that.  Learn how at Restore 117.  You can also take practical steps within your business to create a culture of generous justice.  A panel of leading experts will show you they are using the platform of business to transform lives.

  • Hear from INC 5000 company owners, bestselling authors and serial entrepreneurs
  • Evaluate your leadership portfolio and see where justice fits in it
  • Consider practical ways in which your company can serve the needs in your community and around the country
  • Connect and fellowship with like-minded Christ followers who are doing great things in the business marketplace while focused on building a kingdom company

Hear from Ted Talk author Joe Abrahambusiness

Joe will inspire you to see your business differently from the main stage.  He will also moderate a panel of leaders you will want to meet.

businessMary Ann Mings is Vice President of Operations for Suncast Corporation, and has helped grow the company to nearly 300 million in revenue with a workforce of 800 many of whom are formerly homeless or incarcerated. She has created a family work culture that embodies justice and compassion while improving performance and profitability.

businessDavid Dillon is owner of the Dillon Kane Group, an advisory firm focused on innovation, acceleration, and incubation of new businesses.  The firm has multiple portfolio companies in the technology space.  David used his gifts to co-found Together Chicago, an innovative not for profit bringing together groups across Chicago to transform the city.

businessEarl Seals is President of N2 Publishing, an Inc 5000 company.  N2 utilizes a number of innovative approaches to serve its large employee workforce through N2 Cares which provides life coaches, optional Bible studies, optional gospel presentation at corporate conferences, and N2 Gives which involves the company in giving toward the eradication of human trafficking.

businessLaVon Koerner, co-founder of Revenue Storm, will join Joe Abraham in a practical workshop to help you develop people to live and love justice.  Casting a bigger vision for your business will energize people and provide real impact for the Kingdom.

Your business is meant for something bigger!

God does not make accidents.  He provided you with your work for a purpose.  Visit our web site to meet Joe Abraham and learn how God opened his eyes to a bigger purpose.  Join other business leaders exploring deeper purpose in business.  Learn what that could look like in your business.  No business is too big or too small to be part of God’s kingdom work.  Move beyond money to deeper meaning.  Register today.