How to overcome disturbing routines through justice impact

Do you feel trapped on a treadmill of insignificance?  Maybe you live on a six minute lawyer clock or are otherwise caught in disturbing routines without real impact.  The world is broken.  The news bothers you.  You feel like you could do more.  But what?

Let us help you overcome disturbing routines through justice impact!

Overcoming disturbing routines through Restore 117

The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results.  Stop.  Get off the treadmill for one day.  Specifically Thursday, June 8.  Join others in exploring God’s heart for justice at Judson University in Elgin.

Join Mass Anthem in worship to elevate your spirit before the throne of God.  A throne of justice and righteousness.

Be led by Rejean Morgan as she guides you on a justice journey throughout the day.

Be inspired by Noel Castellanos as he demonstrates the difference Jesus makes when the cross meets the street.   As we seek justice we find Jesus and he compels us to break out of our routines as we love and serve our neighbors.

Be informed by Matt Soerens as he dispels the disturbing fake news on our refugee and immigrant neighbors.  Matt shares God’s heart for the sojourner and how we can live that out in practical ways.

Be energized by myself as I connect the threads God has placed in your heart to pursue justice for vulnerable neighbors.   You will not leave the same!

Don’t delay.  Register today and save 20% but only through midnight Monday!  Use code “MemorialDay”.  Bring a friend Thursday, June 8, Judson University, Elgin, IL.

Overcome disturbing routines through practical workshops

Our workshop leaders are just like you.  They felt that gnawing sensation that God could use them for something more.  And God led them to legal ministry.  Now they want you to experience the joy of helping neighbors trapped by legal injustice.

They know this isn’t about them.  It’s not about you either.  It is about God using people to advance His kingdom purposes of justice for the least of these.  Join in that mission.

Explore Justice Impact

Our explore workshop track is designed for those who are early in their study and understanding of legal justice issues. Sessions are designed to deliver practical resources and introduce simple ways to get involved in legal ministry.

How to live the gospel through compassion and justice will explore the connections between the gospel and justice.  Each participant will receive small group curriculum that discusses stories, scripture and statistics to deepen your understanding.  Video and action guides will move your heart.

Engaging student millennials through a justice for all program will provide powerful materials for students to use to explore justice issues together.  Led by my son and  attorney Rachel Peter the session is a justice for all meeting with icebreaker, video, quiz, discussions, information and stories.  These materials are perfect for youth groups or student clubs in high school, college or law school.

Legal ministry in action will provide significant insight into how to help, not hurt, vulnerable neighbors.  A model legal ministry will be set up, actual client story reviewed, and the power of legal ministry demonstrated.  The participant will be provide the opportunity to explore establishing such a ministry at no cost.

Don’t delay.  Register today and save 20% but only through midnight Monday!  Use code “MemorialDay”.  Bring a friend Thursday, June 8, Judson University, Elgin, IL.

Grow Justice Impact

Our growth workshop track is designed for those actively engaged in legal ministry – and looking to grow their impact. While specific to legal ministry, some of the best practice guidance is applicable to any other service ministry.

Multiplication through site locations and new growth grants will demonstrate how to assess when you are ready to grow through additional ministry locations.  We encourage this growth and have funds available to assist.  Chris Purnell leads the largest Christian legal ministry in the country and he is well-suited to guide those present along a path to growth.

Allowing a strategic plan to drive budgets, fundraising, grant request and donor relations will lay the critical foundation for growth.  “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” Prov. 15:22.  Gathering the information needed for a strategic plan is the best precursor to growth.  Led by Chris Purnell and Eric Nelson, these national leaders of the largest legal ministries are certain to provide a solid foundation for growth.

How to engage volunteer, supporters & the broader community through missional messaging led by Marty Page and Carissa Pearlman will provide a specific program to communicate your message effectively.  Receive easily replicable tools tested in several organizations over many years which are guaranteed to grow your volunteer and support base.

Community Justice Impact

Our community workshop track explores justice issues at a community/macro level. It is designed to provide a helpful primer to those looking to understand and target specific community groups as part of a ministry.

Creating Family Safety Plans for Immigrant Neighbors led by immigration attorney Kim Fay, will provide you tools to return home and immediately implement.  The guide reviews 15 areas to help alleviate fear and provide stability.  Come assume a role and attend the workshop we provide to communities across America.

How to help, not hurt, those caught in the family court system led by attorneys Judith Miller and Kelsey Raves will equip you to provide helpful guidance through education in domestic violence and broken families.

How to help overcome obstacles faced by formerly incarcerated neighbors led by attorneys Brian Dunkel and Sha’na Harris will provide you with resources for significant impact.  Mass incarceration and our broken criminal justice system create multiple problems not only for individuals but whole neighborhoods.  We can be agents of change that restore this brokenness.  Let Brian and Sha’na show you how.

Don’t delay.  Register today and save 20% but only through midnight Monday!  Use code “MemorialDay”.  Bring a friend Thursday, June 8, Judson University, Elgin, IL.

Stay disturbed or take action – your choice!

Remain upset over the feeling of being stuck or begin to explore how to make a significant difference.  The choice is yours.  We hope you will pursue the passion God put in you and join with other passionate leaders and practitioners from across the country at Restore 117.

June 8 is less than two weeks away so don’t delay.  Don’t let another opportunity pass you by.  Register now and save 20% but only through Memorial Day.  Bring a friend.  Let’s do justice together.