How to Help, Not Hurt, Neighbors in Family Crisis

Do you know someone facing a family crisis?  Want to help but since the crisis involves legal questions you don’t know how.  Then come to Restore 117 and receive practical tools for how to help neighbors in family crisis.

What are the challenges?

Today approximately 80% of people caught in the family court system have at least one side unrepresented.  Those who cannot afford attorneys struggle to find good direction and counsel.  More than 4,300 people are unable to find help every day.  They are your neighbors and they need your help.

Many are single moms.  50% of single moms with a child under the age of six are in poverty.  Many are trying to juggle work and raising children, but cannot afford an attorney.  They face issues of support and try to understand a complex family court system.

Other women live in fear.  They think the world of their man, but the bruises tell a different storyShe is afraid to say anything because he makes the money and has threatened to take the kids away.  He is controlling and violent at home but a real charmer when he talks to other people.  He constantly tells her no one will believe her so she better shut up.

Other neighbors find themselves pregnant but not married.  In all these circumstance, what does a young woman do?

First, do no harm

You probably know someone facing a family crisis.  Perhaps you were there yourself at one time.  You know the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness.  But how can you help.

The first thing to do is listen.  Don’t jump in with answers.  Don’t seek to rescue.  Enter into the pain of your neighbor and find good help.  Across the country there are 51 sites where people can find compassionate lawyers willing to help.  If one of these sites isn’t near you, let’s change that.  For no cost, we will provide you all the resources, training, insurance, database system and ongoing support you need.  You will collect $20 from those seeking help and remit the payment to us so you don’t have to deal with accounting and reporting.  Help these women find the resources they need.

Second, help someone understand what they can control and what they cannot control.  We lose a lot of sleep over things we cannot control.  Pray with them and help them focus on what they can control.

Third, get good information.  We will provide you with a great outline and resources you can use with neighbors caught in these family crisis at Restore 117.

Get equipped for family crisis by Judith and Kelsay

Both woman are pictured above.  Judith Miller (right) is the Legal Services Director at Administer Justice, the second largest Christian Legal Aid in America.  Kelsay Raves (left) is a staff attorney in the Victim Justice Program at Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, the largest Christian Legal Aid in America.  These women are experienced in helping vulnerable neighbors.  They will provide practical tools anyone can use in their workshop, “How to help, not hurt, those caught in the family court system.”

Both these women are called by God to stand in the gap on behalf of neighbors in need.  Both are passionate about using their gifts for life-changing impact.  You will want to meet them and many other women leaders similarly serving across the country.

We also have some amazing older men who felt compelled to move from success to significance.  These men have years of experience and rather than exit the work force to golf, decided to lead justice ministries.  You will find them at Restore 117 as well.

Register for Restore 117

Restore 117 is Thursday, June 8 at Judson University.  Bring a group of friends or small group from your church.  Use the code “blog” to receive 10% off.  You will be inspired by main stage speakers, meet amazing women – and men – serving in front line legal ministry, and be equipped to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God.

We hope to see you soon.