5 Ways Students Can Absolutely Advance the Cause of Justice!

Older people make the tragic mistake of believing students cannot contribute to the work of justice now.  They can.  Here are five ways students can absolutely advance the cause of justice.

1. Volunteer

I’m tired of people talking about the social justice “slacktivism” of students.  These older critics claim students only tweet about justice issues.  They don’t actually do anything.  Well a recent  Barna report says differently.


While it is true volunteering looks good on a College application or may be required as part of college course work or law school, that’s not why you volunteer.

You are socially conscious.  You know other people need your help and instead of forming committees to study the problem, you actually find a way to do something about it.  Bravo!

As you witness our broken justice system and experience your own challenges – those of a friend or parent with the court system – you see the problem.  1 in 3 Americans cannot afford an attorney.  You join others in pledging allegiance to the flag “with liberty and justice for all”, but know that is not true.  And the consequences are serious for a single mom, an unemployed dad, a homeless veteran, or an elderly victim of fraud.

You know this.  You want to do something.  But law is complicated and you are not a lawyer.  Is there anything you can do?


Volunteer.  We have internship programs available through our national office and local gospel justice centers.  These allow you to learn more about Biblical justice, our broken justice system, and provide tangible help to victims of injustice.  They also allow you to advocate for change.  Contact us to get started.

2.  Start a Justice for All Club

Justice for All needs to be more than a pledge, but a promise to neighbors in need.  Justice requires community.  Pull together some friends.  We provide you with free resources to watch a video, engage in fun ice breakers, study an issue of legal injustice, and then take specific action.  Visit the Student page of our web site to get started.


3.  Get the book Gospel Justice and it’s free companion guide, Do Likewise.

Did you know that according to research published in Discipleship Journal only 32 percent of Americans have ever been in a bookstore?  That 42 percent of college graduates never read another complete book after college?

I hope you will be a life-long learner and break those statistics.  But, just in case, now is the time to read.  The book Gospel Justice provides powerful stories of people who could be near you without help or hope in the justice system.  Read what others are saying about the book on Amazon.  Get a copy and talk about it with a friend.  Pull together a group to go through the five session guide which includes discussion questions and action steps.


4.  Raise Awareness

Did you know that according to a Pew Research Report the average number of friends someone has on Facebook is 338?  How about you?

Whether you have few or many ‘friends’, the reality is we live in a highly connected age.  While many decry the problems of social media, I think it is a powerful opportunity to help raise awareness on issues that matter.  I love a Harambe meme as much as the next guy – really.


Seriously share the humorous post.  But don’t neglect God’s heart for justice for the poor and vulnerable along the way.  Sign up for our blog and Facebook and please share with others.  You can be an important advocate for justice by sharing what is happening with others.

5.  Raise Funds

Justice cost.  It cost Jesus everything.  He suffered the greatest injustice upon the cross so we could experience the greatest justice in the hope of his resurrection.  There is a cost to following Jesus.  If you follow Him, you will follow Him to justice.  To do justice takes time and money.  Even as a student you can do both.  Visit the student page of our web site to get started.


You are creative.  Pull together a group and raise funds to make a difference.  Each new justice center provides an average of $300,000 in legal support and more than $70,000 back into a community.  That’s a powerful return on investment for a bunch of students, people don’t always believe can accomplish much.  You can!  What’s more each new center that launches becomes self-sustaining and continues to serve the community for years into the future.  Who says you can’t create a legacy now!

The apostle Paul gave great advice to his young student, Timothy.  “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” 1 Tim. 4:12.

Set an example.  Show the world why justice matters.  Take advantage of one or more of these five ways to advance the cause of justice today.  Contact us to get started.