Living Broken in a Broken World

FVC Broken

By Bruce Strom

Living broken in a broken world is hard.  Pressures at work and family push us ever inward needing to meet expectations.  Consequently we develop masks to hide the struggle.  But what does God expect of us?  Rather than a continual push for perfection, God ask us to be broken and live broken.  The sacrifice God desires is a broken and contrite heart.  Ps. 51:17.  And that pushes us ever outward as we love our broken family, broken friends and broken world.  But how do we do that?

This is an invitation to join me on a journey of brokenness.  I will be leading the men’s retreat for Fox Valley Church and would love for you to join.  You can register on the church website.

I wasted many of the 44 years I’ve been a committed Christ follower trying to take control of my circumstances.  I put myself in the center and allowed God to hang out on the outskirts of my life.  Then God broke me.  I’d been a successful senior partner of a multi-office law practice who argued cases all the way to the United States Supreme Court.  But at the height of “success” God intervened and showed me I was advancing the wrong Kingdom.  God brought me to the road of poverty and a Damascus Road encounter with Him.  From the brokenness a ministry was formed impacting more than 50,000 lives – Administer Justice, publication of a book by Moody titled Gospel Justice, and formation of Gospel Justice Initiative, a national ministry where I am now blessed to travel the country speaking to groups about the transformative power of the Holy Spirit in the broken.  True blessing begins with brokenness.

I think many of us are working for the wrong Kingdom.  We get wrapped up in our own little world and lose sight of others around us.  That includes our family, friends, and fellow workers.  But there is another way.  We don’t have to quit our jobs or enter professional ministry.  You are already in ministry wherever God has you.  But we have to see our homes and our work as a mission field.  Just as importantly we need to be prepared to enter that field.  To do that we must break chains of fear, anxiety, disappointment, anger, bitterness and pride.  We need to live broken in a broken world.

In the broken we learn to live outside of ourselves.  We learn to love God and love our neighbor.  We embrace a rich view of the gospel which leads us to justice, grace and mercy toward others.  Have you ever wondered what Jesus meant when he told us, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing.  He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” Jn. 14:12.  Greater things than Jesus?  Are you kidding?

I don’t think Jesus was joking – probably why he started with “I tell you the truth…”.  We can be God’s agent of change in a broken world through the power of the Holy Spirit at work within us.  “For we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”  Eph. 2:10.  We should walk a life of faith lived in love.  That love breaks barriers.  That love demonstrates Christ to a watching world.  And we can live that out in our home, church, work and community through specific acts of service toward others, especially the vulnerable.

Come and be inspired to do greater things for the Kingdom.  Join us March 11-12 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin as we explore God’s word, engage in group discussions, activities, small group, inspirational messages and stories.   And yes there will be lots of food, games and competitive sports.