The Power of Team

The Power of Team


By Bruce Strom

I have twin sons, Daniel and Joseph, who are juniors in high school.  Daniel is president of the class and Joseph is vice-president of the school (yah, I’m proud).  This last week was homecoming week and each night we had a crew of kids out at our house building the homecoming float.

I love my sons.  They came up with a great idea around the class theme of science fiction – “E.T. phone home-coming.”  They rallied people around a common cause and then they wisely unleashed them to use their talents.  Had either of my guys tried to build or paint something, well they take after me, and the results would have been disastrous.  But as artist and carpenters came together and the kids shared ideas and got excited over class spirit, the float came alive.  They never could have done that alone.

We live in a poorer community.  70% of those at the public high school qualify for free lunch.  The majority of the school is Hispanic.  Sometimes there are fights in the school and there are those who continually point to the negatives.  Just this week one of the teachers told students they would never make it to college and one young lady was nearly in tears as she relayed that to my wife.  Too many people look at poverty, race, ethnicity, and conclude there is no hope.  Our family strongly disagrees!  I hope you do too.

For the young woman we encouraged her to dream bigger and know that she can make a difference.  My sons involved a team of kids to dream of a float and work together to see it accomplished.  That might seem like a little thing, but the big things in life all start small.  The word of encouragement.  The spark of hope.  The kindling of community spirit.

The work of justice requires a team of people dreaming big and working together to see it accomplished.  While only God can bring perfect justice, He invites us to join Him on his team building His kingdom.  I want to be part of that team.  I want to see people strengthened, to share a word of encouragement, to spark hope and kindle community spirit.  That spirit is the Holy Spirit that empowers us to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine according to His power that is at work within us (Eph. 3:20).

Do you long for a bigger purpose?  Are you sick of injustice?  Fed up with negative news.  Then determine to make a difference.  Join the Gospel Justice Initiative team as we team up with Christ in advancing His Kingdom of Justice and Righteousness.  E-mail me today: [email protected]

Like my sons, I can’t do this alone.  I need an army of lawyers, pastors, justice champions to coordinate people, prayer champions, hospitality members to provide for kids and make treats, intake specialist to help with forms and data entry, client advocates to connect people with social and spiritual resources, interpreters, and those willing to follow-up with neighbors in need by phone.  I need churches and Christian Businesses.  I need people willing to share their resources and donate to make a difference.

Don’t do justice alone.  Be part of a team.  While sometimes there are no legal solutions for a particular problem, NEVER say there is no hope.  Our hope is not found in systems but a Savior.  We get to serve neighbors in need.  We get to be part of a team that encourages them, provides practical legal help, and eternal hope.  That is exciting!

Let’s be part of that justice team.  Let’s build something that last “so the poor have hope and injustice shuts its mouth” (Job 5:16).  Let’s listen to Jesus and dare to make a difference as we

Go and Do Likewise!