The Power of MOM

We all have moms. The most amazing multi-tasking force on Earth. If you are blessed to still have your mom, then appreciate her this Mother’s Day (and every day)! Mom is one of the most challenging roles on the planet. This is especially true for single moms.

Did you know that 1 in 4 children in America are being raised by a single mom and that 45% live in poverty with more than half living in extreme poverty? On average this mom is raising two children on less than $200 a week. And this mom isn’t who you think. Most are white. About 2/3rds work (half full-time). But only 1/3 of single moms are able to receive child support. And for every $1 a man earns, a white mom only earns $.76, an African-American mom $.64 and a Hispanic mom $.56.

These single moms work hard and juggle much. But they face significant risk of increased homelessness, financial instability, lack of health insurance, lack of employment or unemployment benefits, child care assistance, and educational assistance. Many of these issues require legal assistance which they cannot afford. Civil legal aid provides fairness, justice and security to these single parent families.

Like many moms Julia had two young children. When her daughter got very sick, Julia had to stay home to care for her. She was fired as a result. With no child support and unable to get unemployment, she fell behind in rent and was evicted. Homeless she needed help. She found a church legal ministry that helped her get unemployment, child support, and connect her with resources for housing, food, and employment. This mother’s day Julia is in a stable apartment with a stable job and she and her kids are actively involved in the church that provided assistance to her when she needed it most.

Will we as the church help these moms? Would you help a young single mom with several children who was barely making ends meet? When she gave birth to her first son, no one helped her. There was no room for her at the inn. Now years later her husband has died and she is left raising sons and daughters on her own. Her son made certain she was cared for – even as he hung on a cross. Families should help, but often more is needed, and that is what this woman’s son spoke frequently about. Her son was Jesus. He extended the family to all those who were about God’s will (Mt. 12:46-50). God’s will which is evidenced by loving God and loving our neighbor. By serving the least of these.

So this mother’s day let’s appreciate all the mom’s in the world who do so much, often with so little. Let’s do all we can to support them. And know that as we do, we are listening to the voice of one son of a single mom who is smiling as we take the time to

Go and Do Likewise.