Praying Against Injustice

We live in a broken world.  It is easy to see injustice.  What is hard to see and remember is that injustice is rooted in a real enemy – the Devil.  Just as Justice is part of God’s character, Injustice is part of Satan’s character.  He is the father of lies, prince of darkness and a destroyer.  Sometimes we justice lovers can lose sight of this fundamental truth.  As a result we want to right what is wrong.  We think we can do that in our own strength, but we can’t.  We cannot attack the roots of injustice apart from prayer.

As we address injustice, we must do so under the cover of prayer.  Prayer should surround all our efforts.  This is why prayer is the cornerstone of Gospel Justice Initiative.  Our staff regularly pray against injustice and for cover for all those who stand in the gap on behalf of the vulnerable in Jesus name.  This is why we incorporate prayer into every client meeting.  We want to stand against injustice.  We want to stand firm with the full armor of God, but that armor is not so we are strong, but rather so we are prepared to face our adversary.  We do that by praying in the Spirit which is why Paul concludes the passage in Ephesians with “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.”  Eph. 6:18.  When we commit everything we do to the Lord and trust Him to help us, then we can be assured that He will make “the justice of your cause shine like the noonday sun.” Ps. 37:6.  There is no darkness with the noonday sun.

I share a story from the free companion guide to Gospel Justice, Go and Do Likewise, Living the Gospel through Compassion & Justice.  Often we don’t know what to do to address injustice.

“I don’t know how to help her.”  Judy entered my office to seek guidance.  She is a wonderful, compassionate lawyer you can meet in Chapter  6 (p. 102).  Judy shared Sheila’s story.

Sheila’s mother died following years of care by Sheila.  The mom recognized Sheila’s devotion, the serious criminal challenges of her son, and left the home entirely to Sheila.  Sheila’s brother thought that was unfair and accused her of brainwashing the mom.  The fight over the estate left the brother angry and he threatened to kill Sheila.  Before he could carry through on this threat he wound up in prison for other matters.  The conflict and threat left Sheila paralyzed by fear.

Unable to work Sheila isolated herself and when the inheritance ran out, the home went into foreclosure.  That is what brought her to our office.  Judy prayed for Sheila, but found it difficult to help her understand her options and realized she would need help.  We put together a plan for help and hope.  We would have our prayer team praying, involve a volunteer attorney and realtor to help with a short sale, a local church to help with the move, and regular contact with Sheila for encouragement.  Sheila remained terrified.  Her brother could be released at any time and she was certain he would kill her.  She wanted to establish a complicated land trust to try and hide from the brother.

On the day Sheila moved into her smaller home, one of the volunteers shared the hope of the gospel with her.  Sheila prayed to accept Christ.  She had heard many pray for her over the months we worked with her and she asked if she could pray.  Her first prayer was for her brother.  Unknown to her he had been released from prison and two days later she ran into him at a grocery store.  With fear gone and new found faith, she was able to reconcile with her brother.  She continues to pray for his salvation.

Never underestimate the power of prayer.  Pray right now for those caught in the effects of injustice in this world.  Pray for more people to come alongside them – to stop and serve vulnerable neighbors in need.  Pray they will hear Christ voice and

Go and Do Likewise.